the Mother of a fifth grader Kristina Titova recognized, not to gain too much and not to forget anything before going shopping is a list of the necessary. The most expensive the backpack, which costs about 5 thousand rubles. The family Council has decided, and still the boy remained in good condition, so it is better to save money. But the shape needed, over the summer he grew older. Two pairs of pants cost 800 roubles, shoes – 2200, two shirts – 1200, the jacket 1100. Buy instead of a sports suit tights for only 400 rubles, and two t-shirts – plus another 400, it was cheaper. Sneakers family found for 600 rubles. In the end, came out around 6500. Left to buy a pencil case, and the guy is ready for the school year.

Parents say: the choice is Moscow is large, there is on almost any budget. But this year expenditure for many replenish a laptop and computer chair, analysts say “Avito”. Muscovites buy them, fearing that the children can go on udalenku. A simple notebook is an average of 13 thousand rubles, chair 4 thousand. “Over the years the cost of laptops grew by 8%, the demand for them jumped is largely a consequence of the pandemic”, said Pavel Komarov, head of macrocategory “consumer electronics” “Avito”. Total: complete set of 23 student costs 850 rubles. This is 14% higher compared to last year.

the lowest prices are often found in large shopping centers, where until mid-September, is a large-scale campaign “back to school”.

to save not only money but also time, many parents look at the Internet sites. “The first year Muscovites distribute the cost of preparation of children to school for two months and starting to plan the purchase in late June”, – told “RG” Maria Zaikina, Deputy Director for relations with industry in Ozon.

And what about in other cities? The most expensive school fees will cost parents in Kazan: more than 32 thousand rubles for a complete set of online and offline learning. This is followed by Nizhny Novgorod: here for required to student will have to pay about 26 thousand rubles. So the capital in this list with 24 thousand was in third place.

Cheaper just to prepare your child for school in Togliatti (16 thousand rubles), Ulyanovsk (17,6 thousand) and Saratov (17,6 thousand).