One of the unusual variants – journey to the Tukuringra ridge. This is the first in the history of the Amur region business tour, where participants will be able to go to one of the most famous places of the region, enjoy the beauty of nature and also to participate in master classes and coaching sessions.

the Idea came from a professional coach (in Russian- a coach who helps student to achieve a certain life or career goals) Ekaterina Buslova.

I work a lot with business leaders and know what is important for them to be able to disconnect, to be without a phone. However, to be among like-minded people. A few years go to such trips with the Khabarovsk team and always wanted to do that in the Amur region, – says Catherine. The project was conceived two years and then we met with the head of travel Agency “Unknown Land” Andriy Davydyuk, which has long lead people on Tukuringra. And the idea became incarnate in matter. Andrew took the guided tour, and I engaged in thematic content of the tour.

the Route will lead the participants is already well established. He passed through the territory of the Zeya nature reserve.

– the first day will be 6.5 miles to the mountain shelter “Bath”. The next day – watching the sunrise, yoga and trekking through the Tukuringra ridge, – says Andrey.

the First campaign will take place from 20 to 23 August. The price includes the road from town Zeya (where participants get from Blagoveshchensk yourself) and back, accommodation in a hostel and mountain shelter, stay in the reserve, rental of group equipment, meals, work the mourners and the whole team, a sleeping bag. Those who will be able to buy a ticket to the end of July, will be able to save and pay 11 thousand roubles instead of 13.

However, do not discount should encourage future participants to make decisions quickly, and the probability of not catch. Due to limitations in the group gaining only 10 people, and most of the seats already occupied.

For the next hike, which will take place in September, the team is fully formed.

So the organizers are confident that the proposal will be in demand in the future.

Among the participants of many business owners, executives, business coaches, managing partners. For the most part until the female audience, it is waiting for men, they are somehow slower on this all agree, – said Ekaterina. – The campaign has a certain idea. The topic we are not yet voiced, it will be all a surprise. But the tour program is completely focused on the development, reboot recuperation.