Yoga classes where the Exercises are specially on patients with back pain tailored, relieve the discomfort as safe and effective as physiotherapy. This was demonstrated in the study by researchers at the Boston Medical Center with 320 adults who suffered from pain in the lower back. In addition, participants in both measures, needed less pain medication.

The likelihood that participants had to take a year after the start of the study, yet the pain was in both cases lower than in the case of participants who had only received via books and newsletters for information about how chronic back pain best deal is.

10 tips for Yoga beginners beginners should start Yoga with a teacher or attend a course. Make sure your yoga teacher has completed a qualified training, and that you feel comfortable with him.
Yoga can be practiced at any time.
you are Practicing in a well-ventilated space not to soft and not to hard situation. At the virtually special Yoga Mat whose non-slip rubber surface gives you Stop are. As a tool, even small pillows, blocks and straps are.
you Wear loose, comfortable clothing. So you don’t freeze during the relaxation Exercises, a jacket or Sweater to put on.
you should eat at least two hours before Practicing anything. A drink will not harm previously.
Some food and beverages can overlap with the effects of Yoga Exercises or unpleasant reinforce. This includes tea, coffee, spices, and garlic belong to.
you can Practice prefer shorter, on a regular basis.
do you Practice Yoga when you are feeling sick. If you suffer from mental diseases or problems with the intervertebral disc, sciatica, or knees, ask your doctor what Exercises may harm you.
you can’t Force anything. If a Position causes pain, or dizziness triggers, you will leave this attitude.
women should do during their Menstruation period no reversal exercises like headstand or plow. Yoga is a good Alternative to physiotherapy

for their study, the researchers concluded that Yoga could be a good Alternative to physiotherapy – depending on what you prefer patients. Physiotherapy is currently pain the most commonly prescribed, non-drug therapy for back. Clinical guidelines and meta-analyses, as well as some of the large randomized studies, however, would also support the use of Yoga, according to the researchers. The aim of the study, it was not, however, find out which of the two therapies is better, but whether with Yoga, similar good results can be achieved, such as with the physiotherapy. The study appeared in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

Yoga has established itself in the Western world long been a popular way to physical health and vitality. Hollywood Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Richard Gere swear on the Trend from India. But where Yoga comes from, what the philosophy is behind it and what types are there?

Yoga is booming life style

Yoga, because Yoga works. The only way to explain why the Indian teaching, a Western mass movement. The search for mental and spiritual balance in our performance-oriented society, from the stock broker to a housewife, all to the nearest yoga Studio to pilgrims. “Regular Yoga Exercises the hustle and bustle of everyday life to help calm and steadfast face,” explains the Indian Yoga-Pope B. K. S. Iyengar. Depending on the style of Yoga shaping but not only the mind but also the body. Who practiced dynamic styles, you can even reduce weight. In order to not lose the Overview in the Yoga of the jungle, and the appropriate yoga style, we present the five most common Yoga types and explain the most important expressions.


Asana Yoga position

Chakra: energy center

Dhyana: contemplation, Meditation,

the Guru: teacher, spiritual master

Mantra: of the Sanskrit syllables, which are set free by constantly Reciting the mental energy

Mudra: finger position to affect the organism positively

to Om: eternal word, the sound of Absolute

Prana: breath, life force

Pranayama: breathing technique

Sutra guide

Hatha Yoga

regarded as the Basis of all modern forms of Yoga. In Hatha Yoga the body and the mind are to be brought into balance. Through physical Exercises, breathing exercises and Meditation. Suitable for: beginners, the Yoga want to learn from scratch.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is also known under the name “Flying Yoga” or Anti-gravity Yoga combines Yoga with aerial acrobatics, Gymnastics, dance, and Pilates.


This style is especially challenging, as it is practiced at 40 – 41 degrees Celsius and 40 percent humidity. A sequence of 26 Hatha-Yoga-Exercises and two breathing exercises.

Jivamukti Yoga

“Jivamukti” means “liberation of the soul” and is a modern Form of Hatha Yoga. Hand in hand running to the end, dancing body exercises with singing and a special breathing technique to help develop mental strength and balance.

Iyengar Yoga

In Iyengar Yoga are held the positions for long and in detail considered. In order to support the technical correctness and effect of the Asanas are an aid such as Blankets, blocks and belts are used. Suitable for: students, get to know your body exactly, and the power of breath want to learn to control.

Power Yoga

Yoga is a powerful, intense yoga style. It is characterized by a long Hold Position. The focus is on building coordination, breathing, movement, strength and Balance.

Vinyasa Yoga

This is a dynamic style of Yoga, in the Asanas smoothly with conscious perception of the breath are connected. The focus is on increased speed with concentration on breathing and movement.

Sivananda Yoga

This form of Yoga is a 5-point principle: the body-, breathing – and relaxation exercises combined with proper diet, positive Thinking and Meditation. Suitable for: students who want to practice Yoga on their own at home and for the spiritual Background of yoga are interested in.