Yle (Finland): why yesterday's grief the next morning doesn't seem so scary?

Too little volume short REM sleep can cause stress and depression.

What do you feel when you Wake up in the morning?

If you are willing, then you have a good sleep. If you feel very tired, then that means you slept enough.

it is very simple. A constantly feel tired and can’t go to bed on time.

This contradiction is striking and the doctor-the sleep Tuomilehto Henry (Henri Tuomilehto).

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“This phenomenon is widespread throughout the world. People sleep enough and the quality of their sleep is poor. We are not allocated enough sleep, and in our busy lives it is fundamentally wrong”.

When you pay to sleep not enough time often suffer from REM sleep. This phase is necessary mainly in the early morning. People miss the most important part of this phase, if not gaining the full number of hours of sleep.

the Researchers have already received a lot of evidence that REM sleep is associated with the mental state of the person.

University of Helsinki began a study on the impact of the amount of REM sleep on human feelings.

“we Know that sleep in General affects what we feel their intensity and the degree of control over them. More and more studies point to the importance of REM sleep,” says the head of the research group “Sleep and intelligence” (Mind and Sleep) Anu-Katriina Pesonen’s (Anu-Katriina Pesonen).

According to Pesonen, during REM sleep, the brain reaches a state similar to wakefulness. She calls the brain activity during this period, “hypergamy”. Part of the connections between nerve cells are strengthened. A similar process is observed, for example, while training.

“the Strengthening of ties between nerve cells affects how you learned the day before becomes part of the permanent structure of the brain.”

similarly, some neural connections are broken — then we forget the information. According to Pesonen is important because it affects the negative feelings.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki also find out whether the correlation between an unpleasant experience and a physiological reaction to break for the night.

“we are Talking about the regulation of feelings. If in the evening we are under any very strong sense, in the morning it can be mitigated. The next morning, yesterday’s mountain won’t seem so scary.

the Researchers project “Dream and reason” want to find out what memories are growing stronger and some fade in the period of REM sleep and how sleep influences this. According to Pesonen, the lack of sleep for long periods of time can lead to a state of agrocenose in the worst case to depression.

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“Negative emotions, depression and stress continue to accumulate. Morning brings relief, the first thing we face is the weight associated with the feelings that we experienced the day before”, — toldPesonen et.

Sleep Henry Tuomilehto notes: the harder the life, the more attentively it is necessary to monitor sleep. If reigns an oppressive atmosphere, and free time is also strictly painted — for example, you have a hobby with defined scope and objectives, we need sufficient time to recover.

“During sleep, the person recovers more than 90%. Say: good job, rest well. The harder the work, the more you need to recover and the better you need to sleep,” notes Tuomilehto.

According to Tuomilehto, it’s not even aware of the fatigue, because many got used to it. And yet the person feels better mentally and physically, when she sleeps more. A certain number of required hours of sleep no, it depends on the person and his lifestyle.

According to Tuomilehto, to define, whether enough you sleep, by adding 30-60 minutes to your normal sleep time for a couple of weeks. If because of this your condition will improve, and no doctor will be clear that the sooner you slept very little.

But if you are trying to stay on time, but the dream all did not go?

Tuomilehto advice in the first place to try some methods of self-help. A healthy diet, regular eating and sports help to sleep well. When a person has more physical, he’s sleeping better. But if a person sleeps too little, he did not remain forces in the sport.

Late in the sport with an increase in heart rate not suitable for everyone. If you think that the body is in overload and it interferes with sleep, you can try, for example, quiet walk in the early evening.

Please note at the time of fatigue

According to Tuomilehto, those who sleep poorly, STOit in advance to give up things, invigorating the mind, and to turn off the gadgets long before bedtime. Don’t delay going to bed if you feel tired — even if you don’t watch the movie until the end.

“When the body tells you that now is the time to sleep, you have a window of 15-20 minutes to fall asleep easily. If you missed the moment, already falling asleep can take two or three hours that will subtract from a night’s sleep. In the morning, you definitely will feel it”.

job sharing is a serious challenge for a good night’s sleep, says Tuomilehto. The research also indicates the link between shift work and breast cancer. Too little sleep increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

“Man — day being who needs to sleep at night and work by day. People who work shifts should take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

According to Tuomilehto, professional help should be handled only in the case if you yourself to assist you can’t. If sleep problems continue, you may have a medical term for sleep disturbances is insomnia.

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