Yevgeny Yurchenko was elected President of the Russian athletics Federation

Competitors withdrew their candidacy, and Yurchenko, he’s 51 and he has worked as Vice-Governor of the Voronezh region, headed one of the most important sports federations of the country. At the Olympic games in athletics played the most number of medals. In the struggle for which our athletes at the 2016 Olympics did not participate because of the suspension of the club on suspicion of violating anti-doping rules. All of the then leadership of the Federation resigned and was replaced by a new one. However, novices, far enough away from the athletics complex twists, turns and entanglements, did not justify excessive confidence, they received. Recently tried to “wash” from disciplinary sanctions talented jumper Danil Lysenko, sending false information in World Athletics (formerly the international Federation of athletics”). They quickly discovered the fraud, and everything started over again: the resignation of the President of the club Dmitry shlyahtin and his team; the failure of World Athletics from the planned consideration of the restoration of the Russian athletics rights; still the uncertainty and the unknown.

Matytsin: the Purpose of the MST is the full restoration of the rights of wfla

Wrong mismanagement, suffering athletes. Now this sport is for pure sports component of which meets Olympic champion Yuriy Borzakovskiy, immediately changed from athlete to coach and the main! – the national team of Russia, is rapidly losing popularity.

And so we begin for the third time with a clean slate. Hard to believe that the third attempt, the last remaining in stock at the athletes will be more successful. Tasks from Evgeny Yurchenko and its Executive Committee is a difficult one. To restore the international status of the Russian athletics. To seek admission to our athletes for the Games in 2020. And absolutely necessary, that dragged on for five years, to restore confidence in the persons responsible in Russia for the development of this sport.