Yevgeny Primakov: the reestablishment of world order in Idlib

the Most important consequence of the Turkish operation in Syria, in Idlib, not even the fact that there are people dying — and the civil and military personnel — and not even the fact that the militants hide behind the Turkish army, and that helps the fighters (you never know who in the history with some “sons of bitches” were friends, and not so used).

Most important, strategic, fundamental consequence is that the end of “international law” has occurred and then so be it, including, unfortunately, forced humility on our part. This is particularly tragic, given the fact that we preserve this international law (as opposed to some vague “order, based on the rules”) and sets as one of its main goals, says Yevgeny Primakov in his Facebook.

One sovereign state shoots down aircraft and causing artillery strikes on the army of another sovereign state, in the territory of that other state without permission. But not declares the war to him, and speaks of a “situation of war”. One sovereign state enters its troops into the territory of another sovereign state formally says that “supports the sovereignty”, but it works there is not only even without an invitation (it is bad, but this happened already), and offers its own kind of “legal” justification, which will be made now (because it’s not challenged): “we invited the people” — compare with “at the invitation of the government.”

And still there is no declared war, which would have to deal with the UN Security Council. And the UN Security Council, which around its purpose are to prevent and stop such, will do nothing and can do nothing.

if before And even during the criminal war against Yugoslavia or the invasion of Iraq conventional Western coalition, led by the US at least tried to mask the illegality of his actions through a formal coalition decisions, or decisions from some international organizations which they wished, had to replace the UN and to deceive the rest of the world, given it the appearance of “legality”; if the earlier wars sometimes began formally not against the state but against non-state actors and groups, which suggests that no inter-state conflict which is the war, now everything is different, and differently, probably, forever (pardon the pessimism) — you can fight with anyone, in any terms, not bothering to search even false legal justification, if only the enemy was in force (out: “leave us with Syria alone,” said, according to legend, Erdogan Putin); the invasion is not to explain but to say the phrase “the people called”: it almost sounds like the “revolutionary creativity of the masses”.

a Separate problem: realpolitik is such that we, too, are aware of the fact that Turkey and its desires will have to take into account — and if we say that “a peaceful solution without Turkey in Syria can’t be”, not because there Turkey wants a peaceful solution, but she did not give, and on the contrary: because Turkey is in a position to thwart brute and direct military force any attempt of the decision. And so we too do not put in the security Council (which is absolutely pointless now) any questions about “aggression”.

Written means the following: suppose that we aim at the strengthening of sovereignty and international law, Russia is unable to build and sustain him alone when all the others come from it, the principle of sovereignty and international law, de facto death. I consciously exacerbate and coarsen the wording to make it clear. The preservation of the principles upon which was built the UN principles which shall prevent war in the world, perhaps only in the new consensus, a new global agreement, the reestablishment of these principles. To do this, President Putin, in fact, proposes a meeting of the co-founders of OON, the permanent members of the Security Council and members of the nuclear club — which is now said trump after a pause for reflection.

But I am afraid that the final motivation for such re-appointments can only become very large, stopping the victim from any aggressor, when the price of the output for the flags becomes nanorazmernoi political benefits for any government. For this reason is particularly anxious to follow the decisive action Ankara: in the history of its actions in Syria is still early to finish.