Yevgeny Mironov has presented a performance-concert for special children

Today there is hardly those who do not know these names. The characters became famous not only outstanding success in their own region, but also personal stories. Therefore, every story is an important reminder of the daily work, courage and fortitude.

the Main hall of the Theatre of Nations full of guests. Most of them were children. Someone turns on the foyer in a wheelchair, someone to boast to friends the long-awaited replacement… For them this show is so much more than just action. He is the admiration of courage and admiration for the bravery of people like them.

the Metropolitan Symphony orchestra under the baton of conductor Vladimir Gorbik takes his place on stage and the first chords of the hall is dipped into colorful painted world of childhood fantasies. Under the Fifth Symphony of Schubert on a special translucent screen, a cartoon. It was created on the basis of the drawings Olesya Efimova and children from temnikovsky orphanage.

And after the stage runs a happy couple of young people — Stephen and Jane Hawking (Anatoly Bely and Julia Peresild). They talk about their history of Dating, work and, of course, love to each other. Hawking was 21 when the doctors diagnosed him with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and predicted two years of life. He took it but never stopped fighting. Contrary to all expectations, Stephen has lived up to 76 years of age, was twice married, had three children and made a number of surprising discoveries in cosmology and quantum gravity.

Acting Duo was replaced by Mikhail Evlanov. He read memoirs of a Soviet pilot Alexei Maresyev, who lost both legs in fighting the Nazis and almost lost his life. Just a year maresiev was able not only to walk on artificial limbs, but also fly as part of fighter aviation regiment.

the history of strong men picks up a strong woman Frida Kahlo (Irina Pegova). Sitting on the scarlet throne, the Mexican artist tells about the car accident, which permanently chained her to the bed, and the saving zeal for the visual arts.

Unexpectedly, turns out to be Yevgeny Mironov. He runs between the rows, greeting the children: “hi all! I — Nick Vujicic”. Standing at the speaker’s rostrum, like most Vujcich, he talks about his difficult childhood. Nick was born without arms, without legs, but his parents never considered it a deformity. “You’re different, Nick, but that does not prevent you to be as happy a kid as everyone else,” — says the hero.

Each story was accompanied by music. 1.5 hours, the orchestra played the Farewell Symphony of Haydn, Barber’s Adagio, Symphony No. 40 Mozart Fifth Symphony Schubert Divertimento for strings béla bartók and Ave Maria by Vladimir Vavilov, which was performed by Opera singer Carina Demurova. In the end the children themselves took to the stage at the invitation of the XX century together with the artists launched into the hall dozens of paper airplanes, symbols of peace, and the life itself in motion.