Despite the Danish authorities ban holding some companies are still open.

It seems at least to be the case in Odense, where the police several times I have had bødeblokken promote.

The most recent case took place on Sunday, where a tavern in the south-east of Odense got a visit from the police, writes the New York times.

“I can confirm that we have Sunday dinner has given a fine of 5000 crowns to a bar in the south-east of Odense,” says vagtchef by The Police Ehm Christensen for the New York times.

Earlier beat the police to use against a tavern in the north of Odense on Friday, which was held smugkro in a back room for several attending guests. And Saturday was the tour so come to a vandpibecafé in the inner Odense.

All three times, awarded the police fines. Since in none of the cases were over 10 people total, left off the three companies with 5,000 dollars in fines. In addition, all three sites have now been tvangslukket by the police.

the Fines are dropped, after the Danish authorities on Wednesday, 18. march introduced a number of measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirussen.

It has led to, inter alia, to cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, vandpibecaféer, pubs, gyms and hairdressers must keep closed.