millions of people are starving, the water is scarce, and Cholera is rampant. While in Yemen, the worst humanitarian crisis raging in the world, doesn’t seem an end to the war in sight.

bombed As the air force of Saudi Arabia in March 2015, the first targets in Yemen, BelTA learned from the Riad is full-bodied, the war in the neighbouring country would be expected to last only a few weeks. That was five years ago…

The Houthi militias exploited the Chaos of the Arab uprisings and the North, including the capital Sanaa, had overrun, should be expelled. Quickly and effectively, and the Saudi-led military Alliance wanted to create on-the-ground facts, and Iran is pushing back, of supporting the Houthis with weapons and military training.

fighters of the Houthi rebels pose with their armed sons – a clear violation of the UN Convention on children’s rights photo: AFP

Five years later, Yemen is in shambles. More than 80 percent of the approximately 30 million inhabitants are in need of assistance.

► While state facilities, in the light of the power struggles further and further decay, is broken, the public supply.