For about two weeks, the so-called yellow vests in France – first with burning street barricades and the Blockade of Fuel depots in the French provinces, at the weekend, finally, with Chaos in the centre of Paris. At the end of the arc de Triomphe at the Champs-Elysées defiled. Who or what is behind these protests, the President and Emmanuel Macron increasingly in distress?

All of the questions in the Overview: Who are the Yellow jackets? Who is leading the protests? The protests are only in Paris? What is the yellow the West want? How are the French people to the protests? At the weekend the situation escalated – what happened? What is the response of the President and the government? How do we go from here? Who are the Yellow jackets are?

Under the name of Mouvement des Gilets jaunes a special protest movement in France, formed a few months ago. As a sign of recognition to their followers to wear yellow high-visibility vests, as they are for motorists in the event of a breakdown or accident prescribed.

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Who, the protests in the lead?

Nobody – or, rather, All together, because so far there is no leader in the true sense. However appointed, the yellow West is the last of a eight-member Spokesperson, to lead the negotiations with the government. The Council, however, is not legitimized by any kind of choice.

As the group is controlled neither by trade unions nor political parties, the government has, therefore, no direct discussion and negotiation partner. At the same time, the yellow vests to protect themselves just in front of a collection of left and right. Corresponding Attempts of the right populist Marine Le Pen and the left party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon so far into the Empty ran.

Currently, the movement organized solely through social networks. Your calls and Videos, the activist parts of the interior and activists in General, on Facebook and Twitter and reach tens of thousands of users.

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Are the protests only in Paris?

no – and this is the special feature of this movement. The activists represent a broad social spectrum – from the truck driver about the unemployed to self-employed entrepreneur – and so their radius of action is. Thus, they differ from political parties and trade unions, the mass rallies, according to tradition, alone in the French capital to take place.

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What is the yellow the West want?

the protests were sparked in mid-November through the new Eco-tax on Diesel, the 1. January comes, and due to the high fuel prices.

The catalogue of demands of the yellow West is much more but includes: the reduction of “all taxes”, the increase of the minimum wage and pensions, and the establishment of a “citizens Assembly” to discuss the decline in purchasing power, social Misery and ecological change.

1/17 A protester in the yellow West-motion carries at a rally in the South of France, Marseille is a mask with the face of the President, Emmanuel Macron. The reform policy is at the heart of the protests that have escalated at the weekend in France. | © Clement Mahaoudeau/AFP/ 2/17 especially in Paris, the police had to action on Saturday against violent protesters. | © Abdulmonam Eassa/AFP/ 3/17 But also in Central France, Tours in the Wake of the protests, riots and attacks on the police. | © Guillaume Souvant/AFP/ 4/17 In Paris, which emerged on Saturday, the shooting, the police with water cannons against protesters in yellow vests. | © Abdulmonam Eassa/AFP/ 5/17 shopping cart, and bent street lamps in the middle of the crossroads In some streets in Paris, a picture of the destruction remained after the protests. | © AFP/ 6/17 This protester in Paris was wearing a vest with angry words: He was tired of the government, except probably an allusion to the tax cuts, to enforce the protest movement. | © AFP/ 7/17 The protesters gathered in the centre of the capital, and were there barricades on fire. | © Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/ 8/17 barricades in Toulouse in the southwest of France, built demonstrators on Saturday on the sidelines of the protests and set fire to them. | © Pascal Pavani/AFP/ 9/17 In Paris, the police met on numerous masked Protesters. | © Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/ 10/17 the rioters back, the police in Paris used tear gas. | © Nicolas Tucat/AFP/ 11/17 The firefighters advanced into the capital, to extinguish burning cars. | © Veronique de river estuaries/ 12/17 At the iconic Arc de Triomphe in Paris were violence protesters ready to finally, in plumes of tear gas. | © Veronique de river estuaries/ 13/17 In the course of the protests the triumphal arch was sprayed according to the police, with Graffiti around the tomb of the unknown soldier below the Monument the protesters to quit the barricades. | © Lucas Barioulet/AFP/ 14/17 The police advanced in the afternoon on the square around the Arc de Triomphe. | © Veronique de river estuaries/ 15/17 At the Musée de l’orangerie in Paris, throwing rioters with stones. | © AFP/ 16/17 After looting were police officers in front of Restaurants in the vicinity of the arc de Triomphe. | © Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/ 17/17 On the Morning after the riots: Unknown pink hearts on a burnt-out small-sprayed the car in the centre of the capital. | © Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/

the protests are basically Driven by displeasure with President Emmanuel Macron. In the case of demonstrations is regularly chanted “Macron démission” (Macron withdrawal).

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the French are, As at the protests?

According to polls, three-quarters of citizens support the protest movement. According to the interior Ministry mobile the yellow West capitalized on the third day of action last Saturday in the whole of France, around 136,000 people.

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On the weekend has escalated the situation – what happened?

In Paris it came to chaotic scenes, with clouds of smoke hovered over the city, Rampaging erected barricades, set fire to cars, pillagingen shops, threw stones at police officers and Windows. At the end of the day of the triumphal arch stood – one of the most important national monuments – smeared, some of the artifacts are destroyed, exhibition spaces devastated. The head of the national office of monuments, Philippe Bélaval, measures the damages in the amount of several hundred thousand euros – “maybe even a Million Euro,” he told the newspaper Le Figaro.

country-wide 263 people were injured, half of them in Paris. There, the police used water cannons and tear gas and arrested over the weekend 412 people. Of them 372 were on Sunday taken into custody. About two-thirds of them have threatened criminal charges, said Minister of justice, Nicole Belloubet.

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what is the response of the President and the government?

head of state Macron convened shortly after his return from the G20 summit in Argentina on Sunday to a crisis meeting of the Cabinet. Publicly he expressed it. Instead, the Elysee Palace, sent a statement, in the further talks between Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and representatives of the yellow vests were announced.

Still in Buenos Aires had shown Macron unyielding and the “backing out” of its policy, rejected. Nevertheless, he said, the controversial Eco-tax on fuel prices.

head of government, Philippe, in turn, cancelled because of the riots, his trip to the UN climate summit, wants to continue the dialogue with the activists – a dialogue that he had begun last Friday with some representatives of the yellow West. One of his conversation partners of the Journalist, Jason Herbert, one of the members of the Sprecherrats. The 26-Year-old from the Western France, Charente, provided, however, for a scandal, as he left the Meeting with the Premier shortly after the beginning of the burst. He protested against the repeated refusal to leave the conversation with a live broadcast on television.

Philippe discussed according to its own information, nevertheless good for an hour – with other activists. He called the conversation after that, “useful” and “interesting”. It went mainly to the declining purchasing power in Parts of French society. The doors of his headquarters were “always open” for further talks.

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How do we go from here?

include The new talks are to not only the spokesman of the yellow West, but also of the chairmen of all parties represented in the Parliament. Sit at the table, the Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo wants the other riots in your city prevent.

Belloubet At the same time, the Minister Christophe Castaner brings a new state of emergency to the game – and earned immediately a contradiction of his Cabinet colleague. There are other solutions, said the Minister of justice.

France – paramedics protest against the social laws In Paris have protested also a paramedic against the government. They set up blockades with vehicles and burning of wood pallets. © Photo: LUCAS BARIOULET/AFP/

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