An increase in the minimum wage, a Christmas boon to the Poorest, no premium of the gasoline tax: the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has made the Gilets jaunes in the past few weeks, billions in Commitments. The movement, named after the yellow high-visibility vests bearing the protesters, had driven in the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands of angry citizens to the streets. Meanwhile, there are only a few Hundred, the end of the week by the cities of the country.

However, during the Protest in France, he in other countries for imitators – also in Switzerland. After sporadic mobilization attempt in December, several groups in Bern are planning for next Saturday for a parade in the yellow West. It is not granted, as was informed by the police against the “Covenant”.

The call: a life of dignity for all

One of the heads behind the Swiss Gilets jaunes the 19-year-old Kevin Charmillot from the Swiss Canton of Vaud. He wanted to bring the movement here, because also in Swiss politics much lying in Wickedness. “As a Young I fear for our future,” he says. As an example, Charmillot, who never been politically announced, rising health insurance premiums, and Rent, wage dumping or conflicts of interest of members of Parliament due to Lobby mandates. “Overall, we are asking that every Swiss would be fully in his life in the country.”

So colorful, the Strauss claims the Swiss yellow vests, so colorful, their fan base is. Also, critics of the child and adult protection authorities (Kesb) to try to mobilise for tomorrow’s Demo. In addition, François de Siebenthal, an Economist and co-founder of last year’s failed full-money initiative to the participants. This was taken care of with a performance in front of the extreme Right in the voting battle for headlines.

“We are motivated and determined”

the yellow West, in Switzerland, to grow to a movement, whose Size would be comparable only to that of the Gilets jaunes in France, is practically excluded. To diffuse the claims that the followers of organized. The Demo Promises on Facebook suggest that tomorrow in Bern and in other cities, probably not more than a couple of dozen Dissatisfied will gather at the Federal court.

Kevin Charmillot not but get to you. “We are motivated and determined,” he says combative. No matter how many people join your Protest.