If the Yello musician and businessman Dieter Meier (73) talks about Argentina, raves. “A wonderful destination with unique landscapes, each residence has something Soothing and Liberating,” he says to VIEW. The country and its huge Estancia “Ojo de Agua” since twenty years, Meier’s second home, he now spends half the year there.

Meier time to relax on the Farm, he enjoys the Idleness and dresses like a Gaucho. “Often I’m alone and can let my creativity run free. I simple on a guitar and go in me. After about two weeks I suddenly got a boost, it comes over me like a miracle.” So new Songs are, for example, for his side project “Out Of Chaos”. “In the evening I also love to play chess. But as for this game, I’m a incredible dilettante, a soldier of fortune.”

cattle, wines, chocolate

Meier breeds in Argentina, cattle and produces wines. He has recently begun on the Rio Negro in Patagonia, with an irrigation project and the walnut and Hazelnut plantations. “I feel sometimes like an Asian plate juggler who has to look with his rods, that all of the plates rotate nicely and not fall down.”

In Buenos Aires he also operates the Restaurant Ocho Once, the guest will only receive on registration. The metropolis is definitely worth a visit. “This city is the answer of South America to New York.” In the coming year will also Meier’s family often there. “My son Francis studied history and spends some of a semester abroad here. And my daughter, a film producer, will come up with your husband also to Argentina.”

in addition, Meier remains active. Beginning in 2019, his third children will appear with “Oskar Tiger” book. And: “Soon, my chocolate factory is opened near Zurich.” With his products he wanted to take soon in the Chinese market. “Retirement looks different,” quips Smith.