Yegor Konchalovsky: I, too, was a major

Yegor Andreyevich, the film was conceived in the Studio “Vertical” by Stanislav Govorukhin – the laureate of the prize of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko “For the preservation and development of traditions of spirituality in cinema”. Studio Govorukhin closed?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Is the fourth Studio project, “Vertical”, named in honor of the film Govorukhin, where he played Vladimir Vysotsky. When Govorukhin was not in the Studio had two of the draft, where he was a Director, two project where he was the producer. Called “Vertical” movies will be made but there will be another Studio.

Photo: was a film about Oleg Penkovsky – a Colonel accused of espionage

Whose script?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Initially, the producer and author of the idea was Stanislav Govorukhin. When he was gone, the script about twenty years of the major, whom the father sends to re the North island called Luna, came into my hands. I remembered how I was with my grandmother Natalya Petrovna konchalovskaya froze at the TV when they showed a film of Stanislav Govorukhin “meeting Place can not be changed”. So I’m sitting in his office. “Can the script change?” – I asked. “You can”. I have this parable the story of the prodigal son converted into our reality.

the Harsh North is the only way to re – majeure?

Yegor Konchalovsky: At this age, as the hero of the film, I served in the 11th separate cavalry regiment. In our country to live well. But what may be a life no one knows. The test is what develops us. Suffering build a personality, not enthusiasm. The father of the hero – a great official. The son is the absolute major, who does everything, as he himself says, only for fun and hype. Until the “sails” on the wild island and the lake.

You made a film about the generation that broke?

Yegor Konchalovsky: In our family set of ethics handed down from generation to generation. This is an old Russian way of life, when the younger respect the older. So expect that children will return to your life experience, but this is not happening. Our generation was predictable. Young people today do not. I was eighteen years old, worked as a lorry driver. Today’s youth are less prepared for life. They tend to destroy. In this scrapping. In 1991, the country broke – then woke up, began to rethink. There was “Immortal regiment”. And that’s only through two generations get through this.

I am a Soviet man, but my generation did not build a system of values. Our children are 18 years old. They are in the majority get a Range Rover. It is a given for them, so the meaning of life is lost. My father grew up in the same system. Were friends. With my grandfather we were friends. Traveled together. In Krasnoyarsk, opened a library in his name.

Photo: RIA Novosti Actor Vitaly KHAYEV: the role of I found themselves

what do you like about your relationship with your daughter, for example?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Daughter, without consulting me, went to live in Peter the young man who older than her 10 years. This is what I learned from the Network. Don’t like that she has a tattoo on pollica.

must ask permission?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Need not ask permission, and approval. However, my mother Natalia Arinbasarova escaped from a Kazakh aul, which was difficult.

Your daughter to you?

Yegor Konchalovsky: mother Love Tolkalina. It is not good if the daughter went to me.

You Love the actress Tolkalina lived for 20 years. Why did you break up?

Yegor Konchalovsky: All over. Different interests.

Plot “On the moon” in tune with the recently released film “the Slave”.

Yegor Konchalovsky: I “Slave” was not looking. In the movie “On the moon” raised a relevant topic. First, the parents give the blessing, and then wonder where these children are. The theme of the modern majors. I was a major. Without a license drove the ruble and told the cops that my grandfather Sergei Mikhalkov.

How to conduct a casting call?

Yegor Konchalovsky: it was attended by 35 people, we had to find a fresh face. The choice fell on Ivan the Arkhangelsk province.

How was working with Alexander Baluev?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Ivan was born in a family of actors in Kursk, didn’t want to be an actor, but when called, it turned out to be among their own. Ivan delighted with Balueva. Alexander starred in “the Antikiller”.

Photo: “Slave” became the highest grossing Russian film in history

And you have the movie that changed?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Yes, I learned a lot. He talks about the trials that a person goes person. Here “Antikiller” I have not changed, although I have experienced it a happy flight. And in this film there is a tenderness.

How long was shooting?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Shot-for-28 shooting days. I understand how to make a film today: you have time to prepare. I shot one or two takes. Before such was not. I went five times in nature. In may appeared first on the trees leaves and then the snow fell. All involved in the overall process .

Where was it filmed?

Yegor Konchalovsky: In Karelia. Between St. Petersburg and Finland. Wanted Viking to live. There are people of unknown nationality – in the morning they sit in the boat, and in the evening returned.

Your son Timur was here in Karelia?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Timur three years, it’s growing fast. I was bored and wanted to see him. It was interesting on the set, he considered to be glands, mechanisms, around running dogs “of noble blood”. The Turkic Timur means “iron”.

We live in a country house with Timur, Masha, mom. I call this place “Timur and his team”

he was baptized with the name George.

Yegor Konchalovsky: To be clear, to what Saint to turn to.

As a mom of Timur appeared in your life?

Yegor Konchalovsky: We met through my sister. Masha is a lawyer, has represented my interests in court.

Timur – center of your universe?

Yegor Konchalovsky: We live in a country house with Timur, Masha, mom. I call this place “Timur and his team”.

How do you call home?

Yegor Konchalovsky: Host.