Kevin Mbabu: As you can dream of the end of the year, in fact, nothing Better. We will do everything to make Bern a great Christmas gift.

It is not at all sure that I leave YB. Now, we deny the last two games. Then rest is required. After that, I wait for the things to come, perhaps.

As I said, it is still too early to speculate about that.

no, not really!

Since it looked different, that’s true. But when we qualified for the Champions League, I made no Forcing more in terms of an offer. For me, to play with YB in the Champions League. And you know what?

That was the best decision.

Well, this is – in addition to YB – the club of my heart. You struggle a little bit more (laughs).

I have seen also. It is a joy when one sees that one still haunts me, even though I only made three Premier League games for Newcastle.

no, he did not.

He has me playing the fantastic atmosphere at the home of the Eintracht pre-raves. But the mood in the YB-Play is also excellent. Against tuna wars is fantastic. The incredible choreographer. 27’300 Fans. Huge! We have the best Fans in the Switzerland.

It will be my first game against him. I hope he plays, and this on my side. I want to show him that there is in Switzerland a good defender.

Well, then I want to show him that there are in addition to Lichtsteiner further strength of the Swiss right-back.

I had a feeling of powerlessness, to be able to the colleagues not to help, because I felt that something was missing.

were not, We had a lot of respect, aggressive enough. So they could trample blithely on around us. But we must also say that Juventus has played superbly.

In view of the fact that the game is on Wednesday, has surprised me a little. Travel is not necessarily the Best for the body.

I’m going to try to make such a good game, he asks me about my Shirt (laughs). I can’t run due to a Shirts. Even if it is the Best in the world.

. But most likely with teen Moise Kean, I’ve met, as he played with Hellas Verona.