pop star Yasmine-Mélanie (29) is in baby bliss: The singer and her husband Daniele Branca (35) are expecting their third child. “That I would quickly get pregnant again, I would not have thought of. We are both of us is huge,” says the mother of nine-month-old Leandro and the four-year-old Lionel.

your pregnancy reminds the Zugerin at the most difficult time of your life: in 2013 you had at the end of the sixth month a miscarriage. Yasmine-Mélanie: “Maybe this unplanned Baby is a gift from the universe, after we suffered this terrible loss.” Her third child is to come at the end of August on the world.

Whether it’s a Boy or a girl, do not know the two parents. “My husband wants to be surprised. A girl would be nice, but we are pleased of course also about another boy.”

blow career on ice

placed their family for Yasmine-Mélanie is the most important thing of All, the impact a career, therefore, on the ice: “a career was never my priority. Mommy, the Job of my life.”