the government of the Yaroslavl region took the decision to open after the quarantine of saunas and baths, however they will work without the admission of visitors.

the Department of investments and industry of the Yaroslavl region was allowed to resume the work of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs of the region, providing travel, entertainment, sports and health services, which includes, but is not the work of saunas and baths.

However, the performers of these services put severe limits. In particular, the owners of the baths is forbidden to receive visitors.

the government’s decision has caused ambiguous reaction in business circles. The owners of fitness industry and entertainment have begun to turn to the authorities for clarification: how exactly can you work binary and washroom in absentia?

the Editors of “WP” addressed a request to the regional Department of mass communications and received a reply signed by the acting Director of Department of investments and industry of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Glushkov.

– the Decision on the work of the organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the period from 16 to 22 may, adopted the regional headquarters on the basis of the epidemiological situation in the region. In particular, companies carrying out activities in the field of culture, sport, leisure and entertainment, tourism, and physical well-being activities (including baths), you can continue to work without direct presence of visitors. This means that organizations gain the time gap to perform the necessary administrative work, carrying out repairs before the opening of the institution for visitors, – said in response to the request.

According to the authorities, this opportunity will allow you to fully resume work immediately after the lifting of restrictions imposed on the territory of Yaroslavl region in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection.