“Yandex” has created a map of the spread of the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. It is possible to obtain current information on the number of infected, cured and deaths across countries and regions.

To map use data from the CPS and the American Johns Hopkins University. Selecting your country on the map, you can see the number of infected, recovered and dead in it. In addition, there is more detailed information on towns and regions.

So, at this moment in Russia the number of cases COVID-19 is 63 people, recovered – 3. The largest number of cases in Moscow, they found 25 cases. In second place – the Moscow region. There are a number of reported cases is 7. Then follows Saint Petersburg – 5 people in Lipetsk is aware of three cases of infection, as many of them in Kaliningrad.

Text: To.Hi-tech