According to preliminary data, approved the amendment 89,16 per cent of residents, and only -10,29 per cent voted against.

For me it was very important, as the proposed amendments to the Basic law will treat the residents of Yamal, – said the Deputy of the state Duma, member of the working group on amendments to the Constitution Grigory Ledkov. – The final outcome we will know tomorrow, but today, data on the number of residents who came and made their choice, says that interest in the main strategic document of our country is very high. The residents make their voice heard. Many of the epidemiological situation exercised their civic right and voted even before the decisive day in the week reserved for that anyone could Express their opinion. And we see that this fact had a positive impact on voter turnout. On Yamal it is very high. The region has become one of the leaders.

We always celebrated on the Yamal Peninsula high turnout in a single day of voting in all electoral processes, both regional and Federal – confirmed political scientist, head of the Center for political media communications Stanislav Deyneko. – July for Yamal usually characterized by the fact that the inhabitants leave on vacation, but is now pandemic and related quarantine measures made their adjustments and the majority of residents stayed home. In addition, I note that shift workers, both active and those that are in observation, also took part in the voting, so the highest turnout is natural. Residents of Yamal have always actively came to the polls, and the vote special, the people gave their vote for the future of the country, where all of us live and raise their children.