Yamal baby have swallowed two magnetic balls dozen

On the Yamal baby have swallowed two magnetic balls dozen. Fortunately, the parents timely appealed to the doctors, reported STRC “Yamal”.

In the hospital of Noyabrsk boy 4 years brought from Gubkinskiy. Balls from toys “Neokub” was in his stomach. As told in GBUZ YNAO “November TSGB”, the little patient needed urgent surgery. The danger lies in the fact that the balls in the digestive tract preminitions, squeezing between the walls of the stomach and intestines. This resulted in pressure sores in the stomach two and six in the small intestine.

fortunately, the parents noticed the loss of detail. The baby was successfully operated, the balls are removed. Now the child was discharged from the hospital.

by the Way, the stories of the doctors of the hospital in November, a similar case has already taken place. About six years ago, doctors removed a part of the intestine, and in another case — pulled from the stomach of at least 15 magnetic beads.

Text: STRC “Yamal”