a Russian journalist and politician Konstantin Remchukov, who is the chief editor of “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, and in 2018, headed the election headquarters of Sergei Sobyanin in Moscow mayoral elections, in an interview with the American edition of The National Interest explained why Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2024 may resign.

“My prediction is 55% against 45%, that Putin will not run for 2024,” said Remchukov.

Explaining why the President has left himself the opportunity to go for a new term, xxxxxxxxxxxx said that Putin does not want to become a “lame duck” (in the US called presidents, who rose his sentence without hope of renewal of the mandate of the power — approx. ed.).

Now the President, he continued, has such a policy, so the elite wasn’t looking for a new leader, and continue to work today. “This is the main obsession of Putin. The President doesn’t want intrigues. Most likely, Putin will leave office in 2024 and spirit of the Constitution cannot be broken,” — said the politician.