10.45 am. The big Moment for Marco Minocchieri (37) and his Crew: With a symbolic cut, he cut through the tape and opened in the shopping center Glatt in Wallisellen, ZH so the first Xiaomi Store Switzerland.

Previously, the goods were hundreds of people for hours in front of the Loading face. With 700 people, the organisations had expected in advance. The first 500 customers of the electronics group promised prizes worth a total of 20’000 Swiss francs. For die-hard Tech Fans, this is reason enough to lay down for the 6.30 a.m. in front of the Store.

No clients, only Fans

The Store has an area of manageable 400 square meters and offers not only Smartphones and Tablets, but also many new devices. Visually it looks similar to an Apple Shop: Equipped with large, inviting wooden tables, and racks with products from E-scooters come vacuum cleaner to the robot. “We are the home of Gadgets,” says Store Manager Minocchieri proud of.

Xiaomi article was previously, among other things, in the case of Migros, Fust or Interdiscount available. That should change now. Minocchieri: “We want to build more proximity to our customers. Therefore, we refer to them all as Fans.”

Organizational issues customer

nervous, Exactly, these “Fans” had a long wait eventually tired of it. As to the opening of only 30 people in the Store are left, bursts some of the collar. “This can’t be true, the organization is atrocious”, annoying a young man who is present for several hours. The Moderator should entertain the people, had to be simple.

Previously, had chanted the upcoming customers all the faithful, with an orange Xiaomi hat on the head, in the choir even more joyful the name of the company. The Moderator responded, trying to appease the crowd and promises: “We are organized in a somewhat sub-optimal – but it all come in.”

plastic-junk in the gift bags

And actually. Another half hour later they are all in there. There grab bags to the announced gift. The content: plastic-junk, an umbrella and a Lämpli with motion sensor. “We had expected more,” say some of the disappointed “Fans” to VIEW.

Chef Marco Minocchieri, however, was pleased with the opening. “Finally, people can touch our article and try out – so this is supposed to be.” And the people did also. Because after several hours of Queuing, they had earned the, they found. Minocchieri freuts.