Actually, you thought the Megapixel race in the Camera section was over. For some time now, most of the manufacturers use 12-Megapixel Sensors. This is about to change again. Huawei about a build a Cam with 48 mega-pixels, the touch, but in everyday life, each of four pixels to one, and so not only more Details can be mapped, but also more room for Software-gizmos such as the night mode has.

Now, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is still a top. He has co-developed with Samsung a Sensor with 108 megapixels of resolution. Comes in the newly launched Top-end Smartphone with the name CC9 Pro for the first time. In Europe, the phone is hot by the way Mi Note 10.

Fortunately, not Xiaomi just on the largest possible resolution, but has also built the Sensor, is surprisingly large. He is almost 3/4 as big as the high-class cameras so popular 1-inch Sensors. Whether he is convincing in the light of the little space for the optics in everyday life, will have to wait and see.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has six cameras

otherwise, the phone is equipped in terms of photo full. In addition to the Mega-main camera for a further five Sensors are installed. A with 5 mega pixels and a 5x optical Zoom, a 12 mega pixels and an optical 2x Zoom, a wide angle with 20 Megapxieln and a macro camera with two mega pixels. A Selfiecam with 32 mega-pixels comes.

An important role in the Software, which combines the data from different Sensors to a photo also plays the Mi Note 10. For example, a zoom range of 10x to 50x is possible. So much has delivered so far, not a Smartphone. A second possibility is, of course, to make recordings with a full of 108 mega pixels and crop them.

using the battery pack to a gigantic processor medium

Normally, the Xiaomi flagship but does not have a 108 Megapixel large images, but photos with 27 mega pixels. You would use the full resolution, you could use it to print posters with over four meters in diameter. In the Test, the camera specialists DxO the Premium Version of the Mi Note has reached 10, the highest score yet at all, together with the P30-Per-Huawei.

Also, the battery is 5260 mAh record. This should make for long run times. As a screen Xiaomi builds a 6,47-inch Amoled, slightly rounded on the edges.

what is Amazing is that Xiaomi installs only a Snapdragon 730G processor, by default, at least with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. The processor is the latest and fastest in the middle class, but not in the Top Range.

The great advantage of this choice: The prices remained affordable. In China, the device is already sold. The prices start at only 400 francs. When the camera Phone is sold, is still unclear. Also remains open, whether there are for Europe and a Version with a stronger processor, which will be a bit more expensive.