The man has not expected. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi shows at the big Keynote is not about a foldable phone, but one with a screen around it. The Mi Mix Alpha has covered 180,6% of its surface area with the Display. The entire front face, edges, and a large part of the back. The titanium case you can see only the top and bottom. There’s also a strip with the camera module.

In this strip all the antennas are hidden, which allow of course 5G reception. A selfie camera, there’s not, because you can scan yourself with the main camera, as it has on the back also screen, where you can see. This is clever, because you always have the best picture quality, no matter in which direction you filmed or photographed.

Even if it is not, perhaps, always insanely convenient that it has a touch screen, the Mi Mix Alpha comes closer to the image of the Science-Fiction movies, which Devices only from the show screen. After all, the pages Screens, with Xiaomi also be used, such as virtual buttons or the display, battery, and notifications.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has a 108-Megapixel camera sensor

In the case of the three camera sensors, Xiaomi has explored the limits of technology and provides a Sensors with 108 megapixels and optical stabilization, which was developed together with Samsung. 1/1,33 inch, the Sensor is very large and is likely to capture a lot of light. A Promise! In addition, there will be a 12-Megapixel-Zoom and a 20-Megapixel ultra wide-angle.

As the processor of the latest Snapdragon 855 with 12 GB of RAM is used, and 512 GB of memory. And the Xiaomi is able to load the 4050 mAh battery with 40 Watt fast. Faster than all other current Smartphones.

The Mi Mix-Alpha is a “concept Smartphone” that offers a glimpse into the future, according to Xiaomi. But it also comes in a small series on the market. For all with the needed money: Because it cost almost 3000 Swiss francs.