The frequency of mutual visits was on a “historic peak,” said Maurer, according to a notice from the Federal. Department of Finance by Monday. The two countries engaged in bilateral dialogues in around 30 areas, including financial and tax issues, science and human rights.

In connection with the Chinese large-scale project “New silk road” among masons and Xi signed at their Meeting, a “financial and economic-focused” statement of intent. Thus, the two States wanted to expand their cooperation in the countries along the Route, in the case of trade, investment and project financing.

in Addition, Switzerland and China called for the creation of centres of expertise for stakeholders from China and the States concerned in Switzerland. There projects are to be made “with reference to the New silk road”. Maurer paid tribute to the Chinese large-scale project in accordance with the communication as an opportunity “for development, poverty reduction and peace”.

With the “New silk road” plans to invest in China billion in roads, Railways, ports and other infrastructure projects. Thus, new trade routes are to be built to Europe, Africa, and Latin America and in Asia. At the weekend, a summit was held to meet with representatives from more than 100 countries in Beijing.

most of The major members of the EU and also the United States, but the Initiative is critical, however. Only Italy has joined as the first member of the group of major industrial countries (G7) in March, in spite of the resistance from Brussels to the project.

critics warn of poor countries facing a “debt trap”, political dependencies of Beijing and damage to the environment. There are also complaints that mostly only Chinese companies.

Federal President Ueli Maurer had, however, defended the controversial project prior to his trip in an Interview with the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. The billions of investment in infrastructure around the globe managed to work and safety. Where prosperity arises, there are fewer wars.

Mason is located for a week in China. He took part in the Silk road summit over the weekend. In addition, he was received on Sunday by the Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, he met Vice-Prime Minister Liu He, Minister of Finance Liu Kunn and the Central Bank Governor, Yi Gang.