Xenia Tchoumi (31, 1.5 million Followers) to fight against the accusation that you have made on your Social Media channels and advertising, but these will not be marked.

This presents you, the Swiss Foundation for consumer protection, has raised with the integrity Commission complaint against you, and other personalities. Of tennis star Roger Federer (37) is affected.

For the Posting of the luxury brands they had been not paid

it is a photo from the 12. May 2019, on which they marked the Labels Cartier, and Eden Presley Jewelry. The consumer protection complained, a note on paid advertising lacks. “Not in here, because I don’t get paid for it. I have both brands, no cooperation. Why should I write so that it is paid advertising, if it is,” says Tchoumi to VIEW.

The former Vice-Miss take their work very seriously. “I will not let me like it. Also do not need to justify yourself to me, because I have not made a mistake, but the consumer protection. If I have a contract with a brand, this is characterized by always clear to me.”