At New York Fashon Week is all about – of course – fashion. That means not only Fun, but also Stress, white Swiss, Xenia Tchoumi (32). The Influencerin, which was invited by the Dyson Hair Team to America, was at different Shows.

she attended the Shows of designers such as Prabal Gurung (40) and Phillip Lim (45) or the Label Pyer Moss. Earlier you’ve been trying to see as many Shows as possible. “Today, I only go to where I want to really see, or brands, are very close to me,” says Xenia to VIEW. “I need to prioritize during the time in New York to Meetings and collaborations to perceive.”

For your time in New York, Xenia has three to five Outfits in a day. “Crazy I know”. she says, laughing. “It always depends on whether I have, for example, still shoots.” Your Looks plans Xenia meticulously in advance.

Xenia appreciates the good vibes at the Fashion Week

Overall, the Influencerin enjoy your time in New York. “It’s beautiful. In the case of the Fashion Show a good energy prevails and the audience is great.” In the Big Apple, people would run out of the industry all the time. “In London everything is much more spacious,” says Xenia about your home of choice. In comparison to the big cities you know will appreciate in Switzerland, however, how much cleaner and tidier everything was. “Not so loud,” she adds. “In Switzerland, I sleep a lot better.” (paf)