In the next five years, Volvo will bring every year an all-electric car on the market. Whether fully electric or Plug-in Hybrid drive in the Future, all rechargeable Volvo models Recharge the additional designation.

“We have often said that the future of Volvo is electrically” stressed Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson. “Now we make with the introduction of the fully electric XC40 and the model line Recharge a further step in this direction.” To the expected, growing demand for the Recharge to be models, want to fool the Swedes, the production capacity for electrified vehicles tripled. Because already in the next year, the Plug is intended to achieve-in hybrid vehicles a share of 20 per cent of the total sales of Volvo.

408 HP, over 400 km range

But back to the just presented XC40 Recharge: With a 4×4 the compact electric provides SUV impressive 408 HP and creates according to the WLTP over 400 km range. At a fast charging station, he is charged in 40 minutes to 80 percent. Interested parties have to wait still a little. The first full-electric Volvo will not start until a year (probably in October or November 2020) for probably a little less than 70’000 Swiss francs – however, he is equipped, then, well, it means the Volvo-side to the quite proud of the price of grace.

the final price of the new XC40 Recharge is still open, it is already today that Volvo will offer its Recharge Plug-in hybrid models in the future, with free electricity for the first year. The average cost of electricity for Charging the battery will be refunded after the end of this period the customer.