It’s now official, and it comes straight from him. In an Instagram post on Friday afternoon, filmmaker Xavier Dolan confirmed that he wanted to move on.

Thursday morning, the Spanish daily El Mundo announced via an interview that the 34-year-old director was retiring from cinema. A few hours later, the principal concerned claimed that his remarks had been badly reported.

For just over 24 hours, it was a real carousel. Many have speculated as to the true direction that Xavier Dolan would take. What had been misreported, exactly? Was he really retiring, yes or no?

The final answer: yes, it’s over. The desire is no longer there. He wants to make time “for his health, his friends and his family”.

“Art is useless, and cinema is a waste of time. It was the impact phrase that caused a stir in the original article.

“The first part of this sentence is a broad generalization, and the second, a pure invention”, wanted to rectify the director. “And I felt the need to clarify that I don’t see art as pointless or cinema as a waste of time. »

“I will always be there to encourage artists and filmmakers. I just don’t want to make movies anymore, because they don’t make me happy anymore. »

“However, I am currently involved in television projects, and I intend to keep my word if given a chance,” he added. Otherwise, I think that’s it. »