Joël Magnin: The biggest difference is that I have to do it in the pros with players between the ages of 20 and 30 – some are even older – to. With such experienced players you have to speak in a different way, the training load must be controlled differently. Since tact is required. In the under-21s as a coach –simply put – the boss and all must do the same.

Yes (laughs)! We were this week, 13 plus 3 goalkeepers. But clearly, we still need reinforcements.

The coach has, of course, wishes always. But as I had decided to take the challenge at Xamax to accept, because I, in which the financial framework, we are moving knew. Be sure to come players who can help us. But we don’t want to rush into it. Maybe one or the other comes in a larger club to train and wants to get with us in-game practice, like last season, Serey die, Ademi or Pululu. But we will see probably in a few weeks. We need to have patience.

You can replace the player never 1:1. Certainly, we need in Central midfield and someone else. Also on the wingback positions, I would like to have occupied twice. However, we need players who will fit to us and bring something. Then I expect that some of the Younger continue to develop as last season Ademi made.

I don’t want to talk about the Budget. There are plenty of examples that can also be achieved with less money. We can compete in the Super League anyway just due to our mentality and solidarity. This has been proven by the guys last season is impressive.