Almost two and a half hours, Tim Cook for the big Keynote at the developer conference WWDC in San Jose (California) on the stage. The Apple CEO and his Team presented new Features and even a new Gadget. Big Surprises were, for there were many useful new features for all Apple Users.

Mac Pro: 12’000 Swiss francs for the basic equipment

The most expensive Apple Gadget, the new Mac Pro. Even the basic version costs 6000 francs. And can be upgraded with all the technically Possible. Two graphics cards for 12 4K Streams at the same time, for example, or a processor with 28 cores. To Monitor with a 32 inch, the cost is again 5000 francs, there will be a 6K. The Alu-stand to cost 1000 francs extra. A monster part of the monster price.

iPadOS: The iPad is almost to Mac

the most Important innovation for the User. The iPad gets its own operating system, and so much the more stand-alone functions. So that the Tablet away from the Smartphone, and approaches the Computer. The only Feature that is missing is to connect the possibility of a mouse. For this you can use a new USB stick, gets better folder and file structures, and many of the new Multitasking features. So new Third able to open Apps in multiple Windows, so you can use two Word documents side by side. Also, the Safari Browser is more similar to the Version on the Mac than on the iPhone.

iOS 13: The iPhone gets a dark side

For the Apple Smartphone, there’s only a mild Update. Visually, the most important new feature of Dark Mode that dims all the Apps and menus, and so more readable, such as in the night. Important is also that iOS 13 makes the phones faster. The fall in older models, to Good. So I get the operating system back to the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE. New is also some of the effects and editing options for photos and Videos. As well as a Central Login named “Sign In with Apple”, which could replace in the Apps Logins with Google or Facebook. The advantage: The price is a lot less personal information.

WatchOS 6: The Apple Watch will automatically

The Apple Watch gets some new Apps to measure the ambient noise and get a warning when it is for the watch too loud. Or woman can measure the menstrual cycle. Practically, that one has on the clock, a calculator, an audiobook App, as well as the ability to voice record notes. In many aspects, the Apple Watch is independent from the iPhone. Emblematic here is the own App-Store, Apple play for the first time on the clock. Now it’s just the connection to Android is missing.