Drastic end of a supposedly funny action by Youtuber “BigDaws”. The attempt to get into the Golden State Warriors hall as the double of NBA star Klay Thompson was successful – but with consequences for him.

At previous Golden State Warriors games, YouTube star “BigDawsTv” tried his best to fool fans as “Fake Klay”. The man looks a lot like NBA star Klay Thompson. But although his pictures and videos are absolutely funny, his series could be over.

“BigDaws,” whose real name is Dawson Gurley, has announced that he has been banned for life from the Chase Center, home of the Warriors.

Two hours before the start of Game 5 of the Warriors’ NBA Finals against Boston, Gurley tweeted that he was banned after walking past five security guards “who willingly let me through security without asking for my ID.” .

Gurley even made it onto the field disguised as Thompson, where he said he shot at the basket for “ten minutes”.

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