August 14, 2018 was not the writer Eduard Uspensky. 26 may 2020 his daughter Tatiana has published an open letter in which he called the father a violent man against the wives, children and grandchildren and spoke out against the appropriation of his name the new award for Children’s literature.

In the letter, she wrote: “I Think the name of the man who practiced many years of violence in the family, including against children, should not be rated award in a humanistic field like children’s literature.”

That she was forced to make such a statement? Tatiana Eduardovna told before about the brutality of the father, in particular, Recalling the so-called sect of Victor Stolbun faced in childhood, and which was supported by her father, who suffered from alcohol addiction. I feel that it is still an open wound. The second wife of her father, Eleonora Filina – also openly stated that the assumption raised her hand. All the evidence is in the public domain.

In the animated community to her father’s attitude was complex. Even when he died, it was difficult to find among the multipliers of those who would want said about him a few kind words. And all because he could not forgive the history with elder plant Leonid Shvartsman, connected with the image of Cheburashka. Since 1995, boils this story as soon as Eduard Uspensky has created the company, the name of which used the name of a popular hero, and was privatized trademark. But Cheburashka in 1968 drew as we all know, the art Director of film by Roman Kachanov and Leonid Shvartsman. The assumption belonged to the story found in a box of oranges kind of unknown creature, and he appropriated personal authorship to Cheburashka, whose appearance is described in his book. Courts were. Multipliers, the mountain came to the protection of Mikhail Shvartsman.

Writer and journalist Alla Bossart, a man in the animated world once dealt in detail the complicated history of Cheburashka and wrote a competent article, and combat. At least two Newspapers refused to publish it, because with Eduard Uspensky, one of the editors-in-chief had a personal relationship and the other just did not want to get involved in a scandal, for fear of attacks by assumption. Alla Bossart said the “MK” of the situation.

I knew Edward Uspensky, and the situation with the authorship of the Cheburashka has to study thoroughly, but it’s been so long. Who is now interested in this story? Indeed, the assumption was still that mean dog, that is completely irrelevant to his service to children’s literature. Yes, a bad person or a bad friend. What? But Lermontov was not a monster? Personally, I can’t forgive Eduard Nikolaevich betrayal ToIrina Smirnova at the end of her life, Kira’s, which has done so much to transfer “In our Harbor came ships…”. But we can remember using the assumption to an orphanage, and that his estate he was equipped for a children’s camp for everyone. He was a very controversial person.

I don’t know anything about his domestic violence – knew Edik in the work. If his daughter talks about it, it was probably. But it is necessary to thoroughly investigate, to listen to different sides. If he really was such a monster as described by the daughter, why Eleonora Filina (journalist, co-host of the program “In our Harbor came ships…”, the second wife of Eduard Uspensky – sh) is the young, not the poor woman was fighting for the marriage with him? Why adult children are not isolated from him grandchildren? Why support the illusion of an idyll? Muddy history! It is difficult to make an objective picture, after hearing one side. When life is Edik was hard to understand what was happening, and now even more so. I think that the prize of his name – not an occasion to rummage in dirty linen.

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