These lines the commander of the gun batteries of 120 mm 917 th infantry regiment 249 th infantry division Adolf Exion wrote to his wife Nadezhda 1 June 1945. Adolf – Estonian, on the front was called on 15 October 1942 from Leningrad. In the composition of the Leningrad front participated in breaking the blockade, in Krasnoborskiy-Serdynski offensive in the offensive under the Mga. In 1944 awarded the order of the red Star, medal “For courage”.

But in letters to his wife – not a word about the exploits of…

Letter to Adolf Anxiron.4.04.1943

“Dear Nadia! As I wrote, I was sick a bit, wallowed, and when the hospital came out, that its not found… in the Winter, lying on the cold, in the snow, in the cold and wind and nothing happened, and in the summer the land podputal. I got the treatment just like heaven. Bed, mattress, blanket, and most importantly, and sheets. Quiet, warm, lie, sleep or read. Yes, believe that after 6 days already tired. Boring.

wander In the ward the nurses were young girls. Believe me, Nadya, look at them and think how old that even the pretty young girl does not cause any feelings.”

Read the letters of Adolf Oxiana in the Museum village Blacksmith near the town of Priozersk, Leningrad region. Created the Museum in an old farm kindergarten teacher Maria Piece. Almost a quarter of a century, she collects materials related to the history of his native village. Including military history – near her house, Maria had found weapons, bullet casings.

In the year of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the city on the bug river, from the Nazis has opened a new Museum in the Brest fortress

When the exhibits outgrew the building, the kindergarten teacher bought an old Finnish farm, which recognized the emergency. Start restore itto enableval, eventually turned into a full-fledged Museum.

the Main visitors – students and kindergartners from the Blacksmith. Is often visited by groups from Karelia and even Petersburg. This year, Maria plans to open two more halls, and eventually to build a farm now an exhibition space to each exhibit had its own catchy for the heart of the story.

As these mails Adolf Oxiana wife who once brought Mary her subscriber of the Museum’s social media group.


“the Whole day was rain. Early in the morning we changed… Seems like all the forces were against us: the road was thick cream, pour on top, but continue all these difficulties. When dotopal to place dry threads was not. Lit a fire, all with a shot and a little dried by the fire. Found a shed like a barnyard, manure cleaned up, did a bunk, in General, equipped and turned out a decent place to live… In a battle there are all sorts of occasions. A good friend of mine … lost his left arm at the elbow. The rupture occurred in 3 metres from me. I managed to fall into the hole, so that only stunned”. […]

Photo: Tatyana Sukhanov Searchers have established who owns the order of the red Star from the Finnish Museum

“How much water has flowed during this time! If I who said that I’m still alive in 45 I would have counted him crazy. Right, he surprised it, but still cherish hope for good luck in the future.”


“Today, the whole day pouring rain and cold. It feels more like fall than spring… Ehrenburg writes, “may be true may”, let’s hope it will be so. Because the closer the end of those eagerly waiting for him. Yes, and it’s time already.”


“this morning reported that Japan surrendered and the war is over. Nadia! Just think about those words, how they sound and what hemark… nice girl, because in a dream you see, and the card reminds you of happy moments flown. If you only knew how I’m waiting for this minute when again we will be together.

…Nadia, you are in a difficult situation, heartfelt advice to you, sell what I little size shoes suit Boston, it’s a little bit you will balance your position.”

a few days Adolf Oxiana demobilized, and he returned to Hope. In a year their long-awaited first child was born.

a kindergarten Teacher Maria Piece Photo: from personal archive and part of the Museum.