A bout between two participants in the Russian junior wrestling championship in Smolensk turned into a boxing fight, which ended in disqualification of both competitors.

The conflict erupted between Babuli Tsoloev from the Republic of Ingushetia and Alan Bagaev of North Ossetia.

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They exchanged several heavy punches on the wrestling mat before being separated by coaches and referees.

The two hot-tempered wrestlers had spent just a few seconds on the mat before their ordinary bout turned into a fierce fist fight, which broke out after the whistle.

The championship officials, coaches and team assistants rushed to calm down the two rebels who were eventually disqualified for violating disciplinary code.

На чемпионате России по вольной борьбе среди юниоров подрались Алан Багаев и Бабули Цолоев — спортсмены из Северной Осетии и Ингушетии. Потасовка между борцами произошла в начале схватки. После соревнований Багаев и Цолоев помирились. Baza

The event organizers feared that the altercation could continue in a dressing room where the wrestlers were sent, but the conflict was resolved after Tsoloev and Bagaev had serious conversations with their respective coaches.

Along with disqualification from the national championship, both wrestlers will most likely face administrative punishment issued by the national federation.