The professional wrestler Scarlett Bordeaux (28) was grabbed on Saturday at a Show in Cancún (Mexico) from a Fan. The US-Wrestling-Star was on the outside of the ring and was clutching at the grid, suddenly from behind by a man. This just laughed and held the waist of Bordeaux. Her colleague, the Mexican wrestler Lady Shani (26), a handle immediately and was able to liberate Bordeaux from the grip of the man.

On Twitter, she stated after the incident that she didn’t realized in that Moment what just happened. “It is never okay to touch a Performer without their permission. I was in the Moment not aware of what happened until I saw after the shooting. Otherwise I would surely have acted differently. Thank you, Lady Shani, for back strengthening.”

“What to wear is completely irrelevant”

And more: “What to wear is completely irrelevant. It can be a String Bikini or a snowsuit – it doesn’t matter. My body belongs to me and no permission is allowed to touch me, nobody. Most of the Fans I meet are respectful, great people, and I’m grateful for that.”

Scarlett Bordeaux is not the only performer who was being harassed by a pushy Fan. In the same Show, a female Fan clapped a Wrestler on the Po. (kad)