the Flemish minister of well-being, Wouter Beke (CD&V). to understand the concerns of the sector, of the residential care centres, but it is emphasized that, since the beginning of the coronacrisis at the top of the agenda. “The day-to-day, we are working to take action,” said the minister Beke, Wednesday, in The morning’ show on Radio 1.

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Wouter Beke, was on Tuesday under fire after the daily press conference of the National emergency operations centre. It was found that there were between 1 and 4 april, 241 coronadoden had served in the Flemish residential care centres, and that the figures are now only able to be included in the official statistics. What’s more: Beke, said later that there was a total of probably all of the 619 deaths due to the corona virus and were of the cases in the Flemish residential care centres.

Beke, as the Flemish minister of well-being and Health is responsible for the residential care centres, has been blamed for the deaths, “under the mat is to have it swept away”. He was also critical of the lack of protective equipment (surgical masks, handgels, aprons, etc.) and several members of parliament insisted on that, there’s a lot more testing would have to be.

“We are working every day in order to take further measures”, as argued Beke is on Wednesday in The morning’ show on Radio 1. “We do all we can with it. We have been handgels spread this week, it will be another six million surgical masks to be distributed residential care centres-We want to try to test it, but the federal and state governments, we only 12,000 test runs may be difficult for us to 80 000 residents, of testing.”

New consultation

Beke stressed once again that, in 55 residential care centres (those that indicated that they have an outbreak, suffer for the first time) the staff and residents have tested, and that there is, in addition, a sample of 30 residential care centres is to be performed. “Each center has a person responsible for it. That is, can seek the assistance of other staff members, doctors-in-training, which can be switched on and you can tap into the medical reserve, it was the. “Of course, there are concerns in the area, but we will help where we can.”

on Wednesday, 18 am, there is a new consultation is scheduled with the umbrella organisations to see how we can do all we can to strengthen”. The prime minister stressed that there is a constant will be discussed. This happens twice a week, continuous, “but I want to feel free to do on a daily basis”.

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