Instagram model and golf pro Lucy Robson has been steadily growing her online following during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her latest post left fans feeling decidedly uncomfortable as she performed a terrifying trust shot.

Robson, whose Instagram account now boasts 846,000 followers, regularly posts photos and videos to her page wearing figure-hugging outfits, often while on the golf course or performing golf shots.

Usually, her posts receive a succession of complimentary replies from her adoring fans, but her latest video prompted a very different reaction.

That’s because Robson’s latest post featured a tense-looking trust shot as she hit a golf ball through the legs of her friend William Jones, who stood facing Robson with his legs at shoulders’ width apart, with only his hands to protect his groin.

Robson took a controlled swing before firing the ball unerringly between Jones’ legs and down the fairway without causing any damage to her friend, who had closed his eyes and grimaced in anticipation of the shot going badly wrong.

A post shared by Lucy Robson (@lucyrobson) on Jul 14, 2020 at 10:51am PDT

Robson shared the video with a simple question to her fans, “Would you trust me?”

Despite her huge popularity on Instagram, plenty of her fans admitted they didnt, with one fan commenting, “Not a chance,” while another said, “Absolutely not!”

One commenter paid tribute to the unflinching bravery of her friend, posting, “He has balls!” Another posted, “That’s ballsy!”

Thankfully for Jones, the trust shot went perfectly, and gave Robson a popular video for her Instagram channel, with the clip attracting more than 290,000 views and counting.