Forgetting valuables on the train is always bitter – but particularly so when it’s a valuable violin. This is what happened last Tuesday on a regional train trip from Mittenwald to Munich. Mittenwald is known for its violin making. The police did not know whether the instrument came from the town on the Austrian border.

As reported by the federal police, a train attendant discovered the high-quality violin, but there was no sign of the owner.

The train attendant took the Stradivari replica and handed it in at the lost and found office on arrival in Munich. According to the Federal Police, comparable models can be worth up to 11,000 euros, depending on their condition.

The federal police were then informed of the find, and they took the violin to secure ownership. The officials are now looking for the owner – anyone who can provide information should call 089 515 550 1111.

Travelers keep forgetting valuable items on the train, a police spokeswoman said. “A few years ago, a violin costing 120,000 euros went missing.”

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