Russian junior figure skater Maksim Serov was hospitalized with “severe concussion” after suffering a horror fall at the Russian Cup stage in Syzran.

Serov, 17, was performing a lift with partner Anastasia Fedorova in the ice dancing event on Friday when he stumbled backwards. 

Worrying footage showed the moment Serov landed awkwardly, slamming his head onto the ice with his partner on top of him. 


Fedorova instantly got to her feet but Serov remained stricken on the ice, woozily raising his head before rolling onto his side.

He then slumped back down onto the ice as concerned onlookers including his trainer Anjelika Krylova rushed to attend to him. 

The background music for the performance was cut, leaving an eerie silence as the youngster was taken from the arena on a gurney.

Trainer Krylova later said that Serov had undergone a CT scan in hospital and that he had suffered a severe concussion in the fall. 

“We just arrived from the hospital and took all the pictures and a CT,” Krylova said, TASS reported. 

“A severe concussion [was identified], nothing more, so now we need rest.

“Of course we were afraid, he fell, he decided to try to keep his balance.”

“We wanted to keep him in hospital but they refused, tomorrow we’ll return to Moscow.”

The first stage of the Russian Cup is being held in Syzran in Samara Region, before heading on to Moscow, Sochi, Kazan and then back to the Russian capital. 

Junior stars as well as major senior names such as Evgenia Medvedeva, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Alena Kostornaia and Alexandra Trusova are set to take part.