This case of bullying outraged Mallorca – and is spreading more and more: Izan brought a cake to the summer school in Lloseta for his eleventh birthday. But instead of singing him a birthday song, the other children rewrote the text and called the boy “fat” and “seal”, among other things. The case became public because Izan’s brother posted a video of the incident. The “Mallorca Zeitung” had first reported on it.

The bullying has been going on for years, the brother said. The teachers at the CEIP Es Puig school in Lloseta did not take the family’s complaints seriously. It was particularly depressing on the afternoon of the birthday. Izan would have said that his life was crap and that he didn’t want to go on living anymore.

The “birthday bullying” triggered a wave of solidarity on the Internet. The eleven-year-old received congratulations and encouraging words from all over the world. Soccer star Antoine Griezmann invited the boy to an Atlético Madrid game in the stadium, pop singer Aitana to one of her concerts.

The school has since responded to the allegations. The principal told Europa Press that he would sue Izan’s brother for damaging his reputation. He also emphasized that the video was made on the school premises, but during the summer school organized by the municipality. The municipality said it wanted to investigate the incidents.

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