the 1. What a Vegan is?

Vegans refuse to exploit animals in any Form – you do not go in the Zoo or in a circus with animal performances, and you have no Pets. In addition to meat, fish, milk and milk products, eggs and honey, you also reject animal products such as leather, wool, and silk. Animal-tested cosmetics/medicines not to try to come also out of the question. Very strict Vegan hot Fructarier. You don’t want to, once more, that plants are damaged. You eat only foods that are picked from the Plant, like nuts or fruit. Potatoes and other root vegetables are off-limits, because the Plant is destroyed at the harvest.

2. What is vegetarians the difference?

vegetarians eat nothing, “what has eyes,” so, neither fish nor meat nor shellfish. Some also avoid milk, milk products and eggs.

3. How many Vegans are there?

an Estimated 1.5 to 3 percent of the adult population strictly adhere to the vegan way of life. Among the 14 – to 34-Year-olds there are twice as many. 60% of Vegans are male. For the vegetarians, the women are in the majority.

4. Why are there still so many vegan products and Restaurants?

Interesting for the market, the Flexitarier – people who live a vegetarian or vegan, but there are exceptions. You eat only meat, maybe invitations. Their share in the population is rising, currently it is estimated to be just under 20 percent.

5. These Celebrities living vegan

Al Gore, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, supposedly, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. In Switzerland: Anja Leuenberger, Anja Zeidler, Andreas Hänni (ice hockey player).

6. In gummy bears Animal

it is hiding, contain gelatin, in the red gummy bears also Carmine, a dye derived from scale insects is. (Shortcut: E120).

This non-vegan additives it is necessary to know

Whether a vegan diet is healthy or unhealthy, strong, from the menu planning and the nutritional knowledge of the respective Person. But how do you identify vegan products?

7. Yogurt, Pudding, cereals and wine

Also, milk products, juices, and other red sweets and lipstick may contain Carmine. Gelatin is also in the Pudding and yogurt, as a Coating for sugary cereals in favour of the sugar to the flakes to stick, and is used for clarification of wine.

8. Most baked goods are not to make vegan

To flour is easier to knead, comes into the bakery often, the addition of L-cysteine to be used. This amino acid, which bears the initials E920, made from pig’s bristles and bird feathers. Many Chips contain milk sugar, animal ingredients, depending on the variety, Wild, fish, poultry, beef or pork.

9. Detergents have Oils of animal origin

often Contain Oils of animal origin, for example, to make Laundry softer, or to protect material surfaces from burn-in damage.

10. Vegan is healthy?

“Whether or not a diet “healthy” or not, not depends solely on whether animal products are consumed or not,” says Stéphanie Biel of the Swiss society for nutrition (SGE): “the width of The choice of Food determines how well the nutrient supply. Without animal products, sufficient supply with zinc, Vitamin D, iron, Calcium, or Vitamin B2, is harder to reach. In certain phases of life (pregnancy, lactation, Childhood, growth, age), it is harder for a full coverage due to specific nutrient needs in addition. B12 is only in animal products, Vegans it is imperative Supplement you must!”

11. From die meat eaters?

no, if one proceeds from the annual meat consumption per capita. 2016 have been consumed according to Figures from the meat Association Proviande in Switzerland per head 50,98 kg of meat, the most pig meat. 20 years ago – in 1996 – were eaten with 53.6 kg of meat, only about 5 percent more than today.

12. Vegis are smarter?

In the trend, Yes, as scientists at Britain’s University of Southampton found that The higher the IQ in childhood, the greater the probability of to be as an adult vegetarians. A difference in IQ of 15 percent will increase the probability to be a vegetarian to 38 percent.

self-test: A week of Zero Waste

All the talk about how it saves plastic waste. But why not no waste make? VIEW Intern Florentina Walser (18) lived for a whole week after the default “Zero Waste”. This means that you ever wanted to produce no garbage.

13. Vegan is also good? Try yourself:

vegan recipe of Elle’n’Belle

“Burning Heart”: Brönnti cream with Oreo Crunch
Approx. 4 servings

– 250 g sugar

– 5 dl soy milk (e.g. Alpro, Coop)

– 1 Parcel of vanilla sugar

50g corn flour

3 dl vegetable whipping Sojarahm-Alternative“ (e.g., soy Schlagcréme aha!, Migros)

– Oreo-cookies (vegan variety, there are for example, in the case of Coop)

– fruits-for decoration

sugar in a pan on the highest setting to heat until it begins to takes on a gold brown color and foam. The caramelized sugar 4 dl soy milk and then add the vanilla sugar to add. Everything with a whisk, stir and bring to boil.

corn flour with 1 dl of soy milk and stir in the caramel-soy-milk-cream. Mix well and again bring to a boil, until the cream has thickened.

The cream from the heat and leave to cool (fridge).

soy whipped cream with hand mixer until stiff and fold it into the cooled cream.

cream in glasses, Oreo-cookies break, on cream and fruit to decorate. If you like, you can also take still whipped soy whipped cream for decoration.

I am alive, healthy and with a good Conscience

Until four years ago, I didn’t know the circumstances under which eggs and dairy are produced. So it goes the most. I believed, what is to me the food industry is conveyed: happy animals on idyllic farms. Up to your gentle death. Today I know: chickens lose their male Chicks to the gas chamber. Cows are impregnated each year forced in order to produce milk. The Little one will be taken away from you, to die on the battle knife, or even a Dairy cow. Also in Switzerland. And, of course, on organic farms. “Because fine is” not enough for me to justify this cruelty. The animal industry, I support, therefore, no longer with my money. That would be absurd and heartless. With plant food I am alive, healthy and with a good Conscience.

to break

make Shocking conditions in fattening cattle farms and chicken farms, meat-monsters aufgepäppeltes livestock eat imported grain, the poor people are missing – the arguments of the Vegans are valid, there is nothing to say. The only question is whether the use is aggressive, deliberate Veganertum the thing. Clearly, there are Vegans who are loose on it. But the Hardcore representatives act in their moral Furor scary. Anyone eaten a Schnitzel be the same as the killer out to be? And someone who wears leather shoes, is a torturer? So good you think it is with the animals, so heartless you do with the people. The much takes away from your credibility. Maybe you should make time and a half in length. It is also smaller.