“As we said at the time, our families, that we want to cancel our tents in Switzerland and the American continent to travel to, they were a little excited and more concerned,” recalls Andreas Hutter (40). “Particularly in terms of safety in the Latin American countries.” Entirely unjustified, the concerns were not, as Pamela Hutter-Bianchini (32) and her husband know this from experience. “But we traveled it many times before and know what to look for,” she says.

The Couple from Zurich, that has been married for eight years, was, therefore, not to be swayed and travel division, for the common dream with a converted VW Bus on the Panamaricana Route from Argentina to Alaska. Your project “Pandilea”, composed of Parts of the first names of the couple and of their mongrel bitch, Kalea, was born.

Intensive preparation time

all His possessions sold by the couple and the Jobs (he branch Manager, area Manager) resigned. After extensive preparations, Pamela, Andrew and Kalea took place in October 2014 in your adventure. First leg: the flight from Zurich to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

your VW Bus, have converted friends to a home-on-wheels, was shipped in advance and arrived a few days later, also in Buenos Aires. Andreas Hutter, in an interview with the VIEW: “About two years before the departure, we have bought our VW Bus for around 20’000 Swiss francs and in an infinite number of hours tuned to all our needs.”

Iron reserves and income

to start the Hutters were able to your long-awaited adventure trip with their VW Bus in South America. On Social Media they report for the first time since “Pandilea” in image and Text in detail about their impressions and experiences. With tips such as safe routes, technical advice for vehicles, costs of planning, visas, or about special arrangements for travelling with animals, is the Couple of other travellers. About your “Pandilea”-Online Shop selling, among other things, also, Shirts or backpacks.

“So that we may cost us something for our life-on-the-go to earn more,” explains Andreas Hutter. The rest of the money for their humble lives they have saved in advance. Along the way, they always work again with the Locals in exchange for room and Board. “If you travel so, the cost is low, and Unpredictable, such as repairs we always have something on the page,” says Pamela Hutter.

breakdown on the road

the Needed repairs were more than just a Change. Because of a defective ignition coil failed in the VW Bus of all places, in a remote area in Canada. A helpful truck driver dragged the Bus for about 80 kilometers to a gas station. Thanks to a ramp in front of the place, the vehicle could be loaded for the remaining 400 km in the trailer. So he came in the next larger place where he could finally be repaired.

more Complicated is a gear damage in Mexico was on the way to the Caribbean just before Christmas 2018. “The initial situation was not easy. There was no suitable spare parts. To find just the right tools to open a special transmission like ours, is almost impossible,” recalls Andreas Hutter. They had to rent a car and with upgraded gear extra, around 4000 kilometres in the United States (and back again) go to the part of going to a specialist in Los Angeles to repair. “Pamela and I were after this unplanned adventure overjoyed and full of emotions. We had our home and were able to continue after weeks of our trip in the Caribbean.”

Hutters had Planned to Uncomfortable encounters and homesick

their journey from Switzerland. Destination: Alaska. After about three years the target was achieved. On a trip home, the two no longer thought but since a long time ago. Even if you see sometimes the homesickness for the families. “Thanks to modern means of communication such as Skype, we are regularly in contact with our loved ones,” says Pamela Hutter. “You have visited us on our journey. This makes the separation for all a little easier, and our families are also killed.”

Sure the Couple feels, not least of all because of the bitch Kalea, the remains overnight outside and keeps guard. “She’s doing a good Job, and immediately when she hears something,” says Andreas Hutter. In addition, you never drive at night, because the roads are often in poor condition and there is no street lighting.

However, the Hutters had a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach and encounters with dubious characters. For example, as you had to cross Checkpoints in Mexico. The country is known for drugs and gang wars, and corruption and extortion known. “Not all of these armed men in uniforms who are in control of where travelers are from the military or the police,” weiss, Andreas Hutter. Especially for wife, Pamela, who is fluent in Spanish and, therefore, the hooded Design is predominantly speech, and the answer must be, these controls each have uncomfortable moments. “It happens but rarely, and in the meantime, we know how to conduct ourselves,” the 32-Year-old.

with No end in sight

In all of the countries met the Couple but for the most part friendly and helpful Locals and other travelers. You have made some friends and contacts. In the meantime, you have travelled the greatest part of the continent.

at The Moment they are until the end of August in a Hotel in Mexico that can run for several weeks on behalf of a friends of the Couple. “It’s also nice to have a little more space and comfort than in our Bus,” confesses Andreas Hutter.

But even if your living room in the VW Bus is close and easy to enjoy both the time together to the fullest. No alarm clock ringing, no obligations. And: “We just wanted to get out of the System and have, as a Couple, so a lot of time for and with each other like never before,” says the wife.

the Zurich-based will pull even after the hotel stay in Mexico. Andreas Hutter: “We will again chug along the direction of the USA and our adventure in a VW Bus for an indefinite period of time to continue.”