Coronavirussen continues to take lives on the strip in the entire world.

And now have the dreaded virus cost the world-renowned chef Floyd Cardoz life. He was 59 years old.

It writes CNN.

Floyd Cardoz was tested positive for the corona virus 18. march. He was even taken to the hospital the day before, because he had it bad.

The 59-year-old chef is among other things known to have participated in the tv programme ‘Top Chef Masters’.

the Program is about, to 24 world-renowned chefs compete against each other. Floyd Cardoz went on to win the season, he took part in.

Floyd Cardoz was born and raised in India. He has restaurants in both Mumbai and New York.

Several colleagues have reacted to the world-renowned coke death. Among other things, Madhur Jaffrey:

‘I am very shocked and sad,’ writing the tv cook.

the 59-year-old Floyd Cardoz is also behind the books ‘One Spice, Two Spice: American Food, Indian Flavors’ from 2006 and ‘Floyd Cardoz: Flavorwalla: Big Flavor. Bold Spices. A New Way to Cook the Foods You Love’ from 2016.

Floyd Cardoz had just returned from India, when he was sick. Here he had been to incorporate the Netflix series ‘Ugly Delicious’.

the Chef leaves his mother, wife and two children.