Recall that in these days of Yugra notes the event, you might say, of historical importance. 20 may in the region has produced 12 billion on account of a ton of oil from the moment when, in 1964, here scored the first industrial wells and commenced active development of mineral resources of the region. It is significant that it happened in the year of the 90th anniversary of the district.

congratulations on behalf of the World petroleum Council, wrote in his congratulatory message the head of house. – This is important for the oil and gas industry of Russia and region of the year I wish the Ugra, companies operating in the area, to move to new achievements, continuing the development of all your fields of the world level safely, responsibly and sustainably. Occupying a leading position in Russia in terms of oil production, Ugra makes a significant contribution to world oil production and energy security.

As noted, the Torah Fierna for the World petroleum Council is obvious that the region attaches great importance to the development of strategic international partnerships in the energy sector.

– I appreciate the fact that this year Ugra has become the venue for the branch schools of the Russian national Committee of World petroleum Council “Energenie”, and involving the need to distinguish between in their work, young professionals of our industry as well as students of TEK – people, for whom our future. I believe that in the era of growing energy consumption, training of competent personnel is a key factor in the successful development of the energy sector of the world, – concluded the head of the Council.

Recall, the first billion tons of Yugra oil was produced in 1978.

Increasing capacity, the region in the future, almost every three years was producing a billion of black gold.

Note, Yugra – the main oil-producing region of Russia: it accounts for about 42 percent of the national production.

Resources of the County provide for the energy security of the country, are the basis for the further development of the economic complex of the state.

oil Production in Ugra are 43 enterprises. Their structures are more than 180 thousand people. A leader in oil production are owned by the companies “Rosneft”, “Surgutneftegas”, “LUKOIL”. Together these businesses produce 80.2 per cent of all oil in Yugra.


World petroleum Council (MHC) is a non – profit, non-political organization with charitable status in the UK and accredited by the United Nations as a nongovernmental organization (NGO). MHC exists to promote the sustainable management and use of world oil resources for the common good. Every three years, the MNF holds a World petroleum Congress covering all aspects of the industry, including the industry and its social, economic and environmental effectsie.