Summer is in full swing! This means that now is the time to do all kinds of active outdoor recreation, including sexual. Together with experts have compiled a short guide to making love outdoors, and also collected real stories (funny and not) of those who practiced such.

“Sex in the fresh air can be fun entertainment for couples, because it’s a change of scenery and out of the comfort zone,” says Jennifer Berman, MD, and author of the book “for women Only: a revolutionary guide to restore your sex life”.

the Fresh air, the flowers, the rustling of trees and sounds of wildlife can enhance the desire, since this is not the usual sex in the bedroom or in the shower. That all sounds great, but let’s be realistic: there are a lot of nuances (bugs and rocks under the buttocks of romance is not added).

sex on the street “push those buttons” that include women a feeling of desire. There is unpredictability, We have become accustomed to porn and toys for adults, but it almost always happens behind closed doors. Getting rid of these conventional restrictions can make lovemaking more hot, says clinical sexologist Marlene Wasserman.

fortunately, thanks to the simple preparation and some professional tips, sex adventure outdoors can be fun and comfortable.

Well prepared

Wasserman proposes to collect “summer sex bag” and store it in the car (if on the nature you came together not on their own).

the thrill of sex outdoors give what he planned. So keep things you need close at hand, at the moment when you will suddenly embrace the passion says she.

In a travel bag offered to lay down condoms (this should be self-evident, just recall that in the impenetrable forest, no pharmacies), lubricant (preferably), a towel, wet wipes, sunscreen, bug spray (better without a strong smell) and underwear. A thick rug will save your back and knees from stones, pebbles, roots of trees and seashells.

Keep a plastic bag in his tent as a garbage bag is a great variant. Just be careful, flavored funds can attract unwanted visitors — animals.

Choose a secluded place

the First thing to do is figure out where you want to have sex. Looking for a secluded place with easy ways to “escape”. Ideally, there should not be houses. This is the 21st century, so you should also think about the security cameras. Here are just a few ideas: field, forest, camping, the beach.

It sounds ordinary and boring, but before you go somewhere, see the weather forecast. If p��animate to have sex in the open air, make sure no rain or snow. It would upset all the plans.

Not to forget about foreplay

Since women typically require 20 to 30 minutes to have an orgasm, think about how to begin your foreplay in the car. br>the Chances of an orgasm increase if in advance is highly excited, it can be fingering, hot touch, games and flirting, so that by the time you get to the street, ready for action,— said the expert.

as hot in the summer you can swim in the pond together than the prelude? Build a fire, open a bottle of wine and put the music on the column, thus you will also turn off any noise that may issue, says the expert.

About sex in water… Condoms and water are not compatible. Another caveat: water washes away natural lubrication, so you may need additional (silicone-based).

Sex in water is great because it allows you to move as you please. Great location for this is the posture in which one person stands and the other encircles his legs around the waist and wraps her arms about the neck, says sexologist Jill McDevitt.

How to add entourage? Small lanterns inside the tent can also create a romantic mood. Just remember to disable them before proceeding, otherwise the passing will be able to see the alluring silhouettes in the tent.

do Not fall

the Reverse side of the coin — the danger of being caught or being seen. No one wants to be on the edge of ran into him a child, pointed his finger and yelled, “Mom! What are they doing?!”. According to the law sex in public places is forbidden (it is regarded as disorderly conduct and a risk of fine or arrest for 15 days), so you should be especially careful when choosing locations for merrymaking. If a witness will be a child under 16 years of age, the punishment has been waiting for is not administrative, but criminal!

Then the actions of the perpetrators can be called indecent assault. The maximum punishment is deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

In General, stay away from public schools, pools, parks and any other place where the police can find you faster than you can pull the pants on.

Sex in the tent

If you have decided to spend the night in the woods, without a tent will not do. Seasoned nature lovers are advised to bring yoga mats to put under their sleeping bags. The sheets also did not interfere, because the materials used for the manufacture of sleeping bags, usually do not breathe (they are designed for heat retention), and sleep after a stormy night I want comfort.

Ideal — inflatable mattress with extra pillows and a soft quilt to be able then to lie down and cuddle.

Since you probably spent two to six hours to set a tent, avoid any position that requires too much energy. Otherwise there is a risk to get confused in construction, it will collapse, you will understand that the camp is terrible, and the best place for summer sex is a soft hotel bed.


Set a course for orgasm! Board the “Ship of pleasure”. Better to move in time with the movement of the boat to avoid sea-sickness and injury.


Warm, soft sand, salty aromas are in the air. The waves relentlessly breaking on the shore again and again… the Beach practically screams sex. Select a deserted place away from the crowd, lay a beach towel (sand is, however, still will not save) and proceed.

Select comfortable postures

you Should think about your clothes. Summer long dress perfect for such an event. If we are talking about open space, it is possible to choose any sexual position you want. But when it happens in the tent, it is best not to Excel. The fastest way to turn a sexual adventure in the nightmare is injury.

the Real story (names have been changed at the request of the heroes).

Violetta, 27

Ideas about sex in nature originated long ago, just dropped romantic moment, the stars aligned. And there was the most memorable for me sex in the mountains of Andorra in the winter with beautiful views of the snow-covered trees. It was fast, as we clung to the tree near the path. Sex itself is funny, because it quickly, we didn’t even get naked, even though clothing really uncomfortable. But the thrill of risk is exciting. Nature distracts from the sex, the emphasis on place, not making love.

Andrew, 27

we had sex on the grass by the lake in the suburbs. Came out romantic, but firmly, all in the grass… We are not ready, it was impromptu. A friend called to birthday, first, we noted in town, then went to swim for the city. Well, rushed. No luxury in the form of tents, only hardcore! Don’t remember the process, to be honest. But I liked it.

Elena, 28

We have a young man often flew out of Domodedovo. And once the flight was rescheduled for two hours. At this time we were driving on the way to the airport. A little pogrustim, decided to move to the Museum-reserve “Gorki Leninskie” walk, but it all ended up with wild sex. Mosquitoes have bitten us badly, but we were happy, and the waiting time is considerably reduced! I still remember and laugh. I hope Lenin forgave us.

Why we e��about done? Watching porn about Bois de Boulogne in Paris, we wanted to repeat. Of course, I had to listen to every sound that the wolf didn’t grab my boyfriend for a flank, but the overall pose doggy style in the woods is quite comfortable.

Anfisa, 25

I’m 18. And I am madly in love with max. Once after successful exams, he gave me a surprise romantic picnic on red square. Berries, fruit, wine, transfused in cups from McDonald’s — in General, the dream of the students. And here we sit on the grass right outside the walls, on the hill. We begin to kiss. I sit at max on top in lush black dress. Assessing the situation, he realizes that the people who are sitting further away from the walls, busy with their own Affairs — no one can see us. I feel his hand under her skirt.

Look at the crazy eyes and realize that there is no turning back. He takes my waist, and I begin to squirm on his dick, until, until the end. And here I am waiting for when he catches up with me. But he abruptly stops. It seems that something is wrong. Really. I turn my head left and see the horses we were approaching the girl and the man of the mounted police. What to do? Quickly peel off or remain on top, to pretend that nothing is happening? Do not have time to do anything — the police are already two meters away from us. The girl with indignation and asked what it is we do here. I replied that we have a picnic, feeling a hard cock.

the Guy COP looks at max, as if reminding look, “Well you’re handsome!” and says: “Guys, so in a minute you weren’t here”. Awkward pause. The police are leaving. Max is left without orgasm. But what a memory.

Sasha, 27

We with my young man was in nature, celebrating a friend’s birthday. Summer, forest, river, tents, alcohol — all as expected. Partied till sunrise, then slowly wandered through the tent. And I can’t sleep: timid dawn, the birds sing, the water pleasantly cool. And the smell of the grass, which automatically sets up a romance. My boyfriend and I went to the river, and then I told him the forehead and say: “let’s have sex?”. Of course, he backpedaled, saying that friends around, maybe someone else is awake (or has awoke).

I insisted that an unusual place, a new sensation, adrenaline mixed with the fear that we’ll get caught.

In General, there on the banks of the river it happened. I’m a girl loud, emotional, and then the special challenge was to maintain silence (to be honest, made even stronger). In a word, was awesome. Would like to repeat? Of course. But in the meantime, however, never happened. And it was already seven years ago.

Alice, 22

was Driving with her boyfriend from Ryazan, wanted dramatically sex, stopped in the strawberry field, lay down in the grass. In General, like strawberries, all were pricked, scratched, there were many gnats in the ears, eyes, inabout your mouth. But dedicated we were to the goal, sweat a little as the summer heat. Then satisfied, bitten, sticking to all things lice got in the car and left. Don’t do this again!

Pauline, 25

We have a young man love sex on nature, so could not miss the opportunity to engage them in Iceland. We chose this black beach in vík: hot sand, a minimum of insects, the sound of the waves, the mountains, a gentle breeze, the lovers we were, but it was necessary as-that to escape from the eyes of tourists, which in summer is full. Trying to get away on the coast have failed: we were attacked by a flock of Arctic terns, so we found the thicker clumps of grass, spread out the raincoats and there already had sex. Before we could finish and stretch pants, as passed by the whole company Chinna European grandparents in trekking boots. We then masturbated near the Hiking trails around the waterfall, but that’s another story.

Alexander, 29

It was the Congress salsa party, the main group of people had already arrived, and my boyfriend at the time (Sergei) was already there. And I’m together with the second group of people just arrived. Then just found out that we started Dating. He was so glad when I realized that I will live with him in the tent. But since we are small, everyone understood why we in the tent went out, and began to make fun of us. I eventually got cold as the tent with a thin bottom, well, mosquitoes in Seliger the size of an elephant. In General, romantically, of course, but in practice — with the consequences.

Galina, 27

It was a long time ago in a forest in the Noginsk, near the military base. At the time my boyfriend finished the Suvorov military school and went there for training. I came to him on the day we went to the woods, put bags on fallen trees, they hung their things… Begin to have sex, and suddenly in the distance I see the passing tanks. In short, it was a very strange sex. I immediately wanted to give the honor, but it was too late!

Vladislav, 29

In Central Russia this romantic idea is very easy to spoil. I’ll explain why. At the dawn of my youth, I loved Hiking, and it so happened that there were two lonely, loving Hiking. We waited and prepared. Beautiful lake, tents, cases, far from people. The idyll. Come, the tent is not going to. Our mood is not spoiled. Evening campfire, romantic, everything seems to be fine, but both embarrassing burned.

Going to sleep and understand that midges, horseflies and mosquitoes full, and they are all trying to eat you. Without a tent to sleep we could not, and our romantic evening in the lap of nature turned into a torture ride. In the morning we swollen, tired, crippled, completely disappointed in the natural romance of being sentrush back to the city. It was the first and only attempt to do this in nature. Since then only flat, only cozy four walls with the bathroom with minimal risk to themselves.