the World of Athletics hopes for in the beginning of August for the outdoor season there is still to do with the national championship, “and if it is safe for athletes”. Before that, it was already the weekend of the 8th and 9th of August, booked in, for instance, the international athletics federation on Friday announced. On Wednesday, the Flemish (the FALL) and the French-speaking atletiekliga’s (LBFA) have to be the PA to the city center from 27 to 28 June, to the 15th-16th of August, moved “to the extent that the government allow it”.

in The survey currently use the ” not for the sake of the coronacrisis. The World Athletics president Sebastian Coe has cherished hope is that the athletes have to be within four months of re-action. “None of us can predict the future in these unprecedented times. However, we do know, however, that different countries are in different stages of the fight against this pandemic. We are looking for some structure to provide to our athletes, and are connected to tracks, so that they can begin to plan for the next few years,” said Coe. “If possible, we want to leave the outdoor season there, from August to October schedule so that our athletes know where they stand after the break.”

“let’s hope this is the beginning of August, you can start with the national league in many of the countries in the northern hemisphere, since the travel restrictions have no effect on this event”, said Coe. “This will, hopefully, be followed by a compact as an international season, but, of course, we rely on the global response to this pandemic. However, we believe that it is better for our stakeholders, which I hope to pass on to a return to normality later in the year.”

the first of the six meetings of the Diamond League meeting in Doha (to 17 april), and a yet to be determined city in the republic of China (9 may), Shanghai (may 16, postponed to the 13th of August), in Stockholm (24 may), Naples (28 may) and in Rabat (may 31) – have been postponed. In the next few meetings, in June and July, and will probably not be as feature continue. The World Athletics wants to be at the end of april, more clarity on the international agenda.

Photos: EPA, EFE