Today is World No Tobacco Day. If you smoke yourself and would like to quit, then you should use this opportunity to do so. You not only protect your health, but also your wallet.

Cigarette sales in Germany are falling steadily, but slowly. In 2012, 82 million cigarettes were sold, in 2021 it was around 71 million. This is an encouraging trend, as smoking has been shown to be harmful to health.

But that’s just one downside of smoking. The fags are also pure poison for the wallet. You should bear this in mind, especially in times of rising prices. It’s best to use today’s World No Tobacco Day as an opportunity to think about it.

Anyone who used to smoke a pack a day and now stops smoking can save 2330 euros within a year. This is shown by a calculation with the result calculator of the federal government’s addiction and drug commissioner.

On average, one of the 7,282 cigarettes would cost 32 cents. Calculated over 20 years, you could even save 46,600 euros. Smoking burns a lot of money. And that doesn’t even include the fact that every puff on a cigarette is at the expense of your own health.

If you want to calculate your individual savings, then take a look at There you can enter your own cigarette consumption and see what nice things you could afford instead.

Many people find it difficult to quit smoking. But there are free resources available to help smokers quit.

You can find information about this on the portal from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). In addition, the health insurance companies also promote some methods of smoking cessation.