Mikaela Shiffrin is back in Are mixed on Monday and the Fans in the finish area of the men of the wagon. After their gold medal in the Super-G Ski Dominatorin was in Norway, away from the world Cup hype in the technology race on Thursday (giants) and Saturday (Slalom).

Even during their absence, the 56-times world Cup winner in the Ski circus has caused much debate. Shiffrin had to go to the US-put to justify the Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn, both showed no understanding for their Rennplanung. So Vonn could not understand that their wife sent whizzing after the Super-G Gold in the combined and the downhill. “You had everything to win,” said Vonn.

Shiffrin countered on her Instagram Account: “I’m flattered because of the recent statements of Bode and Lindsey, believe that I could be races in all five world Cup-a victory of the candidate. But everyone has Gold in his sights. So if someone thinks I could come in and with four or five medals of dancing, it would be a wild miscalculation and really disrespectful.”

Federer’s advice

the 23-Year-old is planning their races as accurately and in the world Cup on the race, dispensed with, also has to do with Roger Federer. The Swiss Tennis icon, and the US Ski Star, met last fall at a sponsors Event in Chicago. “He told me that I need to take the time to celebrate my successes, and to enjoy the moments with my family and friends. This is the advice I took to heart,” says Shiffrin, in front of “the sports buzz”.

Mike Day, Shiffrin has been working for three years as a coach, says the New York Times: “a year Ago we were Last, when it came time to celebrate a victory.” This has now changed. Shiffrin finds herself, you’ve never enjoyed a season as the present. “We go after a race to get out and have a nice dinner with the Team. We laugh a lot and try to take things a little looser. So we are now even more successful.”

A similar piece of advice such as those of Federer Shiffrin also won by Tina Maze. The Slovenian was established in 2014 with 2414 world Cup points, a record that could now be of Shiffrin broken. “After the last race, Tina looked me in the eye and said: “don’t do it!””, Shiffrin recalls. For Maze, the record-breaking season had been much too exhausting. “Tina was always a role model for me and I wanted to achieve what she managed at the time. She told me, however, that this ruined a season. I will never forget.”

700-world Cup points Shiffrin this season up to the mark of the Maze. With your current average of 85 meters per race outstanding Events would be in the eleven of the 935 points. Shiffrin could authorize the Maze-a record so soon, powder. Federer’s tip. (cmü)

From the 4. to 17. February 2019 in Are (Sweden) the alpine instead of the world ski Championships. Who, the Swiss are favorites? In which disciplines when? Where can you buy Tickets? And what the Swiss have brought gold medals home?