now, FIBA has decided that the world CHAMPIONSHIP women-2022 (september-November) in Australia is organised. The world CHAMPIONSHIPS will be in Sydney, with twelve teams in two separate locations, to be denied. The Belgian Cats on the last week in Tenerife, and 2018, with pretty in fourth place. It was the first time that the Belgian national female team to a world cup, and the party was on.

they can log on to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021, and a spot in the top 5 places for the fifa world cup 2022 in Australia. With the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and in 2021, when we will not need to be addressed before the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan, from the 17th to the 27th of June, 2021, in France (Lyon) and Spain (Valencia).

for More on the Belgian Cats are REACTIONS. Titelverdedigers Nafi Thiam and Greg Van Avermaet, but you won’t be surprised by the postponement of Tokyo 2020 and the athletes show a lot of understanding of the Belgian Cats, disclose the preparation of the Games: “We have to pretend to Tokyo to go” Russian basketbalcompetitie stops in a final, Emma Meesseman champion, Ann Wauters (39) waiting for bang off: “there is No Olympic Games for me for a small drama”