World Athletics the summer will announce a list of

the international Association of athletics federations (World Athletics) to fly all define “pure” Russian athletes, who will be granted permission to participate in international competitions. This was reported by a member of the Board Antti Pihlakoski.

“We expect revenues of several hundred applications from Russian athletes. They will be reviewed on a rolling basis. By the summer we will announce the names of all neutral athletes that will receive the access to participation in international competitions”, – quotes the statement Pihlakoski Sport24 in an interview with Finnish broadcaster Yle.

Venlisten yleisurheilupomojen hrski huijaus kvi kalliiksi, seuraukset nhdn jo seuraavissa arvokisoissa: “Tysin posketonta”

— Yle Uutiset (@yleuutiset) March 24, 2020

March 12, World Athletics resumed the results of the neutral status of the athletes from Russia, but at the same time imposed a limit on their participation in major international tournaments – the Olympic games, world Championships and European Championships will be able to speak not more than ten athletes from Russia.

“the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) – not a very strong organization. If the government will not adhere to sufficiently strict measures against doping will not change. So for us it is very important that the Ministry of sports of Russia was carefully watching what is happening. We believe that if everything is taken seriously, the situation can change,” added the member of the Council of World Athletics.

we will Remind that the organization of World Athletics, formerly known as the IAAF, in November 2015 has suspended the membership of the club. Since good allowed only those domestic athletes who managed to prove their “purity”. At the same time to speak, they can only under a neutral flag.